MY IDEA, not theirs.

grey cat and box of clay
The King of the Clay – Chairman Meow

From the Desk of Chairman Meow

They’ve finally listened to me. Why were there not things like this already?

I am clearly the most important part of this place, there is no point in even trying to pretend any of you are here for any other reason.

But since I am a guest (apparently), I will share something pottery related. These are new and not glazed – or fired (something I should do to these humans who didn’t listen to me for so long).


Specifically, cat fridge magnets. Duh.

I made these. ME. My idea.

You’re welcome.

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    1. Chairman Meow passes on a “duh” of which I will reframe as a “thank you” 🙂 Hope you are keeping well!

    1. If I deciphered him correctly, he told me to tell you that he speaks catonese and we are too simple as humans to truly understand it.

      (I think hes jealous that we have opposable thumbs)

      1. He called me. He is not jealous of our opposable thumbs as he doesn’t need them. He can get us to do things for him, so that’s why we have them. Opposable thumbs. The feature of the servile. 🙂

      2. hat, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.

        Christopher Hitchens

    1. I have passed on your message! Chairman Meow says he knew people would agree with him and appreciates your message.

    1. Essentially, he thinks he owns the whole studio, house and anything else he comes in contact with lol

  1. I am a magnet collector lol – I love magnets 🧲… when I myself or my friends and people I know go places… everyone brings me back a magnet lol ❤️

    I usually collect “place magnets” that show the place have been to… I use them like art on white boards … I love them…

    I don’t like magnets on my fridge lol… but on my white boards they are like art. ❤️

    These are awesome!!! Love them!! ❤️✌️

    1. I am glad to hear that they resonate with you! I have read your commend aloud to Chairman Meow and he says “yeah, told you so” in reply to me.

    1. Clay mice would be the only ones he could catch as he is a very terrible hunter. He was once placed in a cupboard with a mouse and I came back 20 minutes later and he was just staring at the mouse not even trying to get it at all. So perhaps clay mice are the way to go!

    1. Chairman Meow appreciates your comment and says “I know, right?” in reply.

    1. Thank you! I will pass it on to him, but he probably will say “yeah i know” 😛

    1. He is definitely a serious cat. He has “resting bitch face” at all times other than when sleeping lol

    1. He replies “Yes, I know that. Why do other humans have such a hard time admitting it?”

    1. It came about naturally when he would often sit on a spinning stool and claw people as they went by and so the chair would spin if he did not let go of it lol

    1. He does purr sometimes! It is more rare than not though. He can be a cranky-puss thats for sure. Hope you are keeping well!

    1. Good to hear! I read him your comment and he says “thank you, I know”

      Hope you are well!

      1. Oh dear Meow 😊❤️ Yes, I’m well in Almighty’s grace. Triple lockdown started here from 6 am for a week due to the increase in covid cases of unknown origin here. How about your place? Hope you all are safe. Love and prayers

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