Name That Vase – June 2020

It’s time to share our winner and feature another vase in need of a name! Welcome to my monthly feature – ‘Name that Vase’.

For those who are new to this feature, ‘Name that Vase’ is where you can suggest a name, create a story, poem or prose for this raku pottery vase. Consider this your chance to be inspired, a writing prompt or a creative cue. You can check out a ‘Name that Vase’ post to see how it works, or if you are feeling nostalgic, you can check out the first ever ‘Name that Vase’ post that started what has now become a monthly tradition for our blog and readers.

This month we have a very special vase for your naming, but first we must congratulate last month’s winner ceridwensilverhart for their name and write-up! Congratulations!

Mars and Venus

One half has the tone of copper, the metal of Venus while the other could look like iron, associated with Mars. I even see a hint of figures at the place where the tones touch. Though not married, tales tell of Mars and Venus having a strong attraction to one another, yet they could not openly act on it because Zeus had promised Venus to Vulcan. The Roman poet Claudian describes a temple with a pair of statues commemorating their desire, made out of magnetic material so that as they neared they would literally spring together. Modern scholars aren’t sure those statues truly existed, so perhaps they are just another part of the myth!*/29.html#note:shrine_of_Mars_and_Venus

And into our new month!

Here is our vase for this month:

Please add what you think the name should be for this month’s vase and any associated poetry or story in the comments below. I look forward to reading all your great ideas!

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  1. I don’t have a name or anything in mind for the vase. I am deeply saddened that my mother’s body is shutting down and failing and am helpless. The vase shape and color reminds me of an old jug that liquid would be stored in. That’s all I have.

    1. I am so sorry to hear, Angela. I hope you may be able to find some peace and comfort in this very difficult time.

  2. also no name here, but the vase immediately struck me as reminiscent of the folk pottery here in my home state of North Carolina. Perhaps if I recall any number of folk stories then a name may come to mind.

  3. You could call it ” Son of Moonshiner”. It kind of reminds me of a moonshine jug but it’s small and doesn’t have the little round loop to put your finger in and tilt it up to drink out of, so it’s not exactly a moonshine jug.

    1. Thanks for your submission! It definitely seems to be a common theme! I hope you are keeping safe and well, Chris.

  4. “A moonlit ocean”
    Throughout history mariners on calm, moonlit nights have sat on the ocean in the stillness with nothing to occupy them but to gaze in awe at the spectacle of a silver moon reflected in majesty on the rippling water. What thoughts went through their minds? What faces and memories of loved ones appeared in the shimmering?
    A life spent at sea was hard, exhausting both mentally and physically, but here was a chance to rest and recharge for the travails ahead.
    A moment of blessed peace.

    1. This is really lovely, Tish. Thank you for your name submission, and I hope you are keeping well

    1. Yep! Everyone seems to be seeing the same thing 🙂 Hope you are keeping well!

      1. That’s funny so many people think that… we all know that moonshine jug lol ✌️ … also pretty awesome that touched a cord with everyone! Nice work

        I am keeping well thank you – hope the same for you ✌️ stay safe 😷

  5. Isn’t that interesting- my first reaction was ‘old man’ and then when I scrolled down and read the comments lo and behold similar reactions from everyone – Yup, I saw that old moonshiner sitting on his porch rockin’ and drinkin’. I find that kinda amazing.

    1. Definitely! It is amazing that disparate people can see the same sort of thing in a particular shape. That is definitely proof of culture at work!

  6. I want to call it ‘satin and honey’, the smooth brown sheen reminds me of a thick layer of honey poured over the surface, or a satin scarf tied tightly around the pot. The surface shiny from the material. X

    1. I see what you mean, Christine! there are some lovely scarves like that, and it does have a similar iridescence. Hope you are keeping well!

    1. That is definitely a theme that has come up for this particular vase! Thanks Mark and I hope you are keeping well!

    1. Thanks for your entry Eugenia! It definitely has a particular glow to it when held/spun in the light. I hope you are keeping well.

      1. All is well except my main laptop has a dead battery so I am using my travel laptop, New battery arriving Tuesday! Whew!

    1. Of course! It was a very interesting take on that vase and it really resonated with me. This vase definitely is more no-nonsense 🙂 Hope you are well!

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