Long may she reign! HRH Queen Latifah and the Royal First Egg!

And so it was that Her Royal Henness Queen Latifah, Most Royal Hen of Household at Cluckingham Palace, came to lay our first egg.

There was quite the hubub at the palace! It was the talk of all the grassy townspeople! To have a new egg! Can you believe it?!

Princess Lay-a could not. She thought: There is guile to her excitement!

But how could there be! HRH Queen Latifah — our very beautiful hero who is always wonderful, forever blessed be her reign — would never lie.

Or would she?

Her Henness speaks!

The first egg has come today!
Let’s all adore ME and my reign
Queen Latifah’s come to slay
And bring that royal touch to your brain

Princess Lay-a was unphased by her Queen’s lyrical wit and respected history in the royal rap game.

Cluckingham Palace would be hers.

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  1. Early morning greatness. I enjoyed this it made me chuckle and laugh out loud. That’s how I love my day to begin and end. Have a crazy dope Saturday.

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