This is what happens when you smell

Ahh, the smell of a book freshly cracked open. The sound of the spine as it starts to get it’s legs. It’s an invitation to a new world you can get lost in.

What could be better than a new book?

How about a book and jewelry combo?

Well you are in luck, as until the end of the month of May 2020, you can get a copy of our bookA Potters Dream: Myths & Legends’ along with ANY piece of jewelry for $45 (includes shipping in the US/Canada)!

Wait, what is the book about anyway?

“A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends” collects stories across cultures and centuries, adapting them to our pottery with wit, love, compassion and joy. “A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends” is a decidedly modern take on the traditional topics of pottery, healing, community – and what it means to be human – all interwoven with the magic of raku and stunning pottery.

It makes for a great coffee table book, bedtime reading, bathroom book or gift for the art lover in your life. But don’t take my word for it, here are some that came in from a dear reader via Goodreads!

So if that piques your interest, all you need to do now is pick out a piece of jewelry from this link and you are good to go!

A few pieces of ceramic jewelry from The Alchemist’s Studio.

You can also use the button below to make a purchase using PayPal, and then we can contact YOU over email about which piece of jewelry you would prefer. This is only around for a short time, and remember that shipping in the US/Canada is included in your purchase!

A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends Book and Jewelry – $45

Questions are very welcome in the comments in this post, or should you prefer, you can send us a message directly and we can help you out there.

We promise that A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends will definitely leave you feeling better after reading than the book cover below ever could – and probably smells better too.

If it is not in your budget go get in on the May sale at this time, we will also be drawing for two prizes that will include a copy of our book ‘A Potters Dream: Myths & Legends’ an art print and piece of jewelry for one of the lucky winners – once we reach 300 subscribers.

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  1. I like to smell books too haha. I’m so happy and relieved when I found out I wasn’t the only one 😂

  2. Took the plastic off a new canvas this week and realized how much I have come to love that smell. The feel and smell of a new book is intoxicating.

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