A Royal Announcement

Hen you believe it! We have a name! Thank you all for your Royal Contribut-hens!

Her Royal Henness Queen Latifah is eggstatic to announce her Royal Co-Chair of Cluckingham Palace…*drum roll*

Princess Lay-a!

A big THANK YOU to the multiple entrants ihadathought, Rienna no Ouji, Laura Bachynski, for this name! It has definitely proven to be a favourite!

A very close second was Mark Johnson‘s “Lady Eggsmore” but our love for Star Wars clinched the win!

Neither of the Royals has yet bestown us with a golden egg, or any egg actually, but we understand that it takes time to feel comfortable in a new home, and that nobody rushes royalty!

Long live HRH Queen Latifah and Princess Lay-a!

Once we hit 300 subscribers, we will be drawing for two prizes that will include a copy of our book ‘A Potters Dream: Myths & Legends’ an art print and piece of jewelry for one of the lucky winners. You can subscribe to our Newsletter by clicking here. Don’t worry, if you are already a subscriber, you are automatically entered.


  1. Now that’s funny. And to think this was the first email I opened this morning, and started my computer day with this vision indelibly burned into my memory.

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