Happy May Day

May day, may day! We have a problem!

May 1st, also known as May Day has it’s original roots in ancient Rome and various manifestations have evolved celebrating Spring throughout Europe and North America. In 1889, this day was also chosen as International Worker’s Day.

International Worker’s Day is a celebration of labourer’s and the working class. On this day, I think it is particularly poignant this year to recognize what has become the unsung workers of our economy – many of whom work in the service sector, often for minimum wage, and now, since the pandemic, in conditions of questionable safety.

I think it is important that we all remember that in this time of upheaval, they are the people keeping our economy open. Whether they be cashiers, food processing plant workers, or on the front lines stocking shelves, these are the people who are making sure we have the food and goods we need to be able to shelter at home. They are our unsung heroes.

If you are out and about this weekend shopping for the things you need, please remember to say a heartfelt thank you to those in these jobs. It is my sincere hope that these heroes receive the recognition they deserve through increased pay and better working conditions. The fact that a number of companies have increased worker’s pay due to the pandemic shows that larger companies can afford to treat their worker’s better. I hope they continue to do so after all this is done.

As everyone’s favourite Vulcan says ‘Live long and prosper’. Stay safe everyone, particularly the unsung workers who have now been shown to be essential to all of us!

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  1. Amen! I’ve started tipping them to play a make-up game in regards to their value versus their wages. … with cashola that I’ve sanitized and dried, sometimes even ironed for the fun of it ‘cause there’s no collar-yoke-sleeves-front-back to not crease the shirt while ironing it. Just a phttzzzzzzz sizzle from under the rag I use as a “blotter.” Heck, Am I a money launderer now. Seems legit. And, tips seem legal as well.

    Thanks for reaching out to make note of these peoples’ environment and conditions.

  2. Oh, and too much time on my hands? Nope. I do this as a community service to redistribute 15-30 minutes of my pre-pandemic 1.5-hour commute each way each day. I re-owned that time post-pandemic as I am now working from home. I now distribute a portion of that time to exercise, a portion to meditation, a portion to my wonderful wolf-dog-Sheppard mix, and a portion for community service to prepare tips. I value it as a daily chore, actually a meeting I schedule for myself, that I set as a meeting on my Outlook, and can’t take calls… I’m in a laundering money meeting. TOo dangerous with the iron. I can see the flub. OOPS. Iron to the ear, not phone on speaker. Meeting Title?: “Gratitude Time.” I focus more on the task at hand, though, rather than the gratitude It’s important to focus on the ironing. My tips won’t be as grateful if I don’t keep focus, and burn the bejezuz out of my hand… or ear/

    Again, thanks for the community service shout-out to people who we might be re-normalizing to miss as we drop into new expectations. I, for one, simply stood there ironing a shirt, then realized DaFuq am I doing this for (to end my sentence ion a preposition)? For now, that’s gone. Snake, his skin shedded. Snake, the skin not missed. I set down the iron, pulled out my wallet with, “How much cash do I have here?” Ok, clean it., and take it to the next grocery store run and wishing well distribute it to those who might not be getting paid the hazard pay they are worth. COOL. Ok, new process. Go put it on your Outlook. I did, clicked recurring meeting, and now I have a scared chore within my means to support those who might not, and are very definitely doing something important and of value.

  3. Sacred chore, not scared chore. It took 14 years, though Autoci=orrery finally beat me on that particular word-battle. Oops, gues I fought back there just now.

    Pardon mus-spellings due to small-ish keyboards and Autocorrect commandeering my words to make them into things I didn’t Nintendo. 🙂

  4. Remembering those who are working, those who grow and bring the food. Remembering those who have the cleaning jobs as without it everywhere would be dirty. Happy May Day.

  5. Happy Bealtaine! You are exactly right. My cousin works in a Sam’s Club in Florida. For the first time she feels valued and jokes about finally being recognized as essential. I hope people will continue having respect for everyone working in all the positions you named and that they will benefit from a pay increase long after the pandemic ends.

  6. Yes! 🖖 = Vulcan salute from Star Trek (usually signed while saying “live long and prosper”). Taken in part from Hebrew character Shin

    The Letter Shin (ש)

  7. Such a thoughtful post! I’m glad those who keep us going are being compensated for their scarifice. I truly hope the employers maintain those salary increases once this pandemic ends.

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