On The Wheel Wednesday – Bowling on the Pottery Wheel?

Knocking down pins?

Or working on a new set of dishes on the pottery wheel?

In a recap from just over a year ago, watch the Alchemist in action, throwing and trimming a bowl!

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Was this video a strike or spare for you?

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      1. Hahaha! Glad I wasn’t the only one. I remember that song being huge when I was a kid all while wondering why a band would be named Chumbawamba of all things. Apparently, I remember an article from Nickelodeon Magazine during my childhood that was about how bands or singers got their name and it mentioned how Chumbawamba got their name from one of the members having a dream where the bathrooms said “chumba” for men and “wamba” for women. Years after the fact, it was revealed to be a ruse as the band would make up reasons for their name.

    1. I just checked. It shows as unavailable to me within the wordpress mobile app but is fine in a browser. Try copy this link and open in a browser and see if that fixes it for you. Please let me know if it works or doesnt thanks! https://youtu.be/VVt71JjLtrw

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