It’s Twins!

We at The Alchemist’s Studio are excited to announce two special additions to the family!

We adopted twins!

Hen you believe it! From 0 – 2 in a day! What an incredible thing to have happ-hened!

Fowl is fair indeed and we are eggcited to announce the new addition!

Please rise for the Head of Cluckingham Palace, HRH Queen Latifah!

“That is but one!” you exclaim, “and also that is a chicken!” To which I say:

NAY, it is TWO chickens!

With 5 chickens on order, only 2 arrived due to being oversold. It seems the demand for chickens is very high at the moment (due to food security concerns around COVID-19?) and so we have had to put 3 chickens on poulet-away until June.

In spite of this, we face a problem.

You see . . .

We have HER ROYAL HENNESS QUEEN LATIFAH and The Other One. The Other One needs a Royal name as well – which is where you come in, dear reader!

HRH QUEEN LATIFAH requests your submission of a royal name for her friend in the comments on this blog post!

HRH QUEEN LATIFAH requests your submission of a royal name for me

HRH QUEEN LATIFAH looks forward to combing through the names her friend will be poul-trying on!

To have an invitation extend to you by HRH is surely a special coopportunity indeed!

Once we hit 300 subscribers, we will be drawing for two prizes that will include a copy of our book ‘A Potters Dream: Myths & Legends’ an art print and piece of jewelry for one of the lucky winners. You can subscribe to our Newsletter by clicking here. Don’t worry, if you are already a subscriber, you are automatically entered.


    1. That’s a great name for a rooster! When we get one, I will keep this name in mind. Thanks for the idea and comment and I hope you are well and safe!

    1. A great name, but more for a rooster perhaps than a hen. Then again, Prince the singer was pretty fancy….

  1. “the other one” makes me think of the book with the title “the other boleyn sister”. Perhaps you could name her after Mary Boleyn or her more royal sister, Anne?

      1. No need, the chickens will lay without roosters 🙂 Just no chicks

      2. I didn’t know that. I thought that roosters were needed in order for that. I’m no farmer I guess lol😉

    1. it is a delicious meat, the eggs are great. Chickens are lovely and useful animals.

    1. It is also fun to say out loud. I said that out loud multiple times. 🙂

  2. Well, in keeping with the Latifah theme: she had a brother named Winki who was her best friend. She is also good friends with Alicia Keys and Jada Pinkett Smith. Queen Latifah has a rivalry with Foxy Brown in which they dissed each other in songs and in one, Foxy included Queen Pen in the dissing. Also, Latifah has sung with YoYo. So, there are a few suggestions of names of people who have surrounded Queen Latifah’s life in various ways. 👑👑

    Moving away from the Latifah theme and looking at other famous chickens — there are the following: Ginger, Babs and Bunty from Chicken Run, Lady Kluck from Robin Hood, Camilla the Chicken from The Muppets, Chickaletta from Paw Patrol, Miss Prissy from Foghorn Leghorn, Clara Cluck from Mickey’s Birthday Party, Chicken from Cow and Chicken, Booker from Garfield & Friends, Goldie from Rock-Doodle, my personal favorite..Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall 😁and I saw Chica the Chicken listed but no show name. I did like Princess Lay-a though.

    1. That one could be said without “queen” but people would still know she is royalty

    1. We will as soon as they start laying yep! Queen Henrietta is lovely! This is a touch choice!

      1. I love Queen Latifah and Lady Diana (obviously you know who I mean) too. I am a huge Princess Di fan.

    1. A queen who doesnt even need the word Queen in front for us to know she is one!

    1. Thank you for your submission!

      That does sound posh, doesn’t it? hmmmm

  3. Sorry the thing glitches sometimes and the seconde comment was s’oppose to be the first comment and the first comment was ment to be the seconde sorry again!

  4. I wanted to say Chiquita Chicken but it wasn’t quite right so whilst on a Spanish theme, I typed in ‘the other one’ which translates to el otro – which sounds kinda Mexican bandit. This then made me think of Antonio Banderas so my 2 suggestions are:
    ‘El Otro’ (the other one)
    Or ‘Banderas’ 😬👍🏻

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