Hey Buds!

It seems spring has sprung here at The Alchemist’s Studio! The lilacs and haskaps have big juicy buds and the rhubarb is poking it’s head out of the ground and saying hi, bringing thoughts of crisps and an oh so dry slightly sweet refreshing wine.

Future crisps, pie and wine!

My seedling starts are taking off. I should have enough tomatoes to open my own Italian restaurant this year! One of my favourite spring time activities is starting new plants from cuttings and dividing plants. This year I have plans to propagate some currants, elderberries and grapes! The best part is that I will not have to go to a garden store, and given the state of the world, that is a very good thing.

What are the sights of the season where you are? If you’re a gardener or plant enthusiast, what’s growing in your garden?

Hey Bud(s)!

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  1. It has been a lovely spring here for at least three weeks, maybe more! The dogwood trees hit their peak a little while ago but the red bud trees are in bloom. My iris and azaleas are in bloom now! Unfortunately, I need to drag the mower out soon to give the grass a haircut. I can’t have a vegetable garden because of all the critters here! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Since i’m now in the city, I don’t have access anymore to my garden & land…

    But hey, trees are blossoming here as well!

  3. We blooming here too!! Some days I have spring and get excited lol… and then some days winter sneaks back in for a minute lol

    I still have my strawberry 🍓 sprouts!! They are still alive and well so far ❤️🙏

    I am sooo hoping they stay alive – I am not good with plants but they are giving me hope ❤️✌️

  4. Spring is a big part of what keeps my spirits up these days. I love the bright green tips of new growth. I planted a wildflower mixture in fall, and now I have poppies! Tall with big, bright pink blooms. I love plant division too — free plants!

  5. Being out 8n the backyard is definitely my highlight! Seeing nature’s glory in full display brightens my spirit. I am especially enjoying the birds. Great post and a reminder there is hope on the horizon😊

  6. This will be our first year we’ll be trying to grow vegetables since we’ve moved to my family farm. I will be starting my first seeds indoors over the next couple of days, but most of the transplants won’t be able to go out until late May or early June. Some can be direct sown, hopefully in the middle of May.

    It’s snowing right now.

  7. Sitting here gazing out the window at budding trees, blue skies, sunshine, and a bird building a nest in one of our hanging plants. Hooray for spring!

  8. Lilacs are in full bloom, and I’m ready to transplant my cabbage, cauliflour and broccoli. Peas are poking through as is the lettuce and spinach. Gardening is a true blessing right now.

  9. C’est la saison 😊 I’m not doing much gardening personally but I’ve noticed the local flora is 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule- even the wisteria is about to bloom- normally that happens towards the end of May.

  10. I planted asparagus crowns this week in an elevated/raised bed because my artificial knees don’t like to be knelt on so my gardening is limited to containers nowadays. Asparagus plants can live 50 years but in containers, maybe three years if I’m really lucky. Here in Savannah there’s so much Florida Betony in the soil and you can’t get rid of it. It grows from corms, has hair-like roots that go so deep I’ve found it growing & thriving underneath 6” of concrete. It will propagate from a tiny piece of a corm or of the root system. It’s truly the scourge of the south so I wouldn’t dare plant asparagus in the ground here. Good luck to all you gardeners whether you’re new to it or well-seasoned. The anticipation of growing food and flowers is delightful isn’t it?

    1. I have not grown one myself! I imagine they may fairly particular? Hope you are keeping well!

      1. Particular is one way to describe them! Still only one stalk so far (months now), but at least it is green and alive! Definitely a challenge!.
        All okay here, thank you. Hope you are well. Stay safe and keep on posting those pics of awesome paintings and pottery!

    1. Awesome! That is great news. I hope it is coming along and you are keeping well.

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