Calling All Dreamers – The Vase of Dreams

Some of my regular readers may be familiar with some of my past art projects like ‘The Healing Vase’, which allow for audience/community participation. I am about to launch a new project, in part inspired by the joy that project brought me, and by the current chaos in the world due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus.

My concept for this piece is to allow the process of raku and the flames of reduction to act as a communal intention and prayer for a better world. I am hoping that other dreamers will join me by commenting with their hopes and dreams for how our world could be a better place.

I will be printing or reproducing all of your comments to use as the reduction material in the firing process of this vase. For those unfamiliar with raku, you can view the video below to see what this firing process entails:

Co-creating the Vase of Dreams

For this particular project, I would like people to think about how the pandemic has impacted the world or your community and the changes you would like to see to make the world a better place. You can see some of the discussions that people are having about this here, and I hope you will add your voice.

Please leave your comments and ideas below for a better world. Feel free to even include a poem or a piece of creative writing. Hopefully this project will inspire hope at this time when many of us need it the most.

Please share this post so as many people as possible can participate in this project and we can spread the hope! You can do so by sharing the link to this blog directly, sharing this post from our facebook page or retweeting this tweet from our twitter account.

Let us create a better future, together!

I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible! Let’s set our intentions for a better world!

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    1. I love that idea. I was always a fan of greenspaces and urban gardens when I dwelled in the city, it made so much more enjoyable. I think people are going to learn to go out a lot less with their cars when this is done. Hope you are well!

    1. I hope this world finds peace too and now is a time for faith for sure! Stay well and safe and thank you for taking the time to comment!

  1. Woah!
    That’s a super original idea man – looking forward to it.

    People uniting for common (important) goals, it’s something i’d like to see even more.
    United we stand, divided we fall.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment!
      It has been interesting to observe people come together here to help flatten the curve and help the vulnerable. Hopefully we are able to continue to come together for other important issues and goals to make the world an even better place!

      1. It really has, cooperation is key in this awful situation. And be sure to stay safe, man!

    1. Hi Louis, thank you for your comment on my post! Lately I have been creating pottery when I can as well as getting the garden started. On top of the usual blogging of course. I hope you are keeping well and thank you again!

      1. Thanks! I’m glad you are well and safe
        It’s good you are keeping busy. Like many people, it cuts the edge off of everything.
        Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you John! I wish the same for you and hope things are good for you where you are!

  2. I wish most fervently at this moment for this virus to leave and stop killing! In the aftermath as well is now I wish for the goodness to come out of people and shine as an example

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Michael. I hope that you are right and that the friendly energy remains and that there is a greater sense of community! Stay well and take care!

  3. Facebook asks me every morning, “What’s on my mind?”

    Then it hit me like a Mack Truck!


    The World has finally all come together as ONE and are working as a Team with nothing but care and compassion in their Hearts

    The enemy in this case is invisible and we NEED each other to fight it off!  In my eyes, this is World War III and we are not fighting each other.

    We truly are ONE!

    The thought that we are doing this brought tears to my eyes.  The thought of what it took to bring us all together, made me cry even more, but the reality of it is that we were not fighting each other to get us to this point.

    It is possible to live in Peace, to actually love each other enough (as we are doing now) to be kind to everyone, and it is possible to live a life where we do not cause pain to another human being or animal!

    We are living the proof right now, that we can continue doing so!  Life is precious!

    With Good Vibes Only – We Are Making History!  We Are All In This Together!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it and hope you are keeping well amongst everything that is going on.

  4. My wish is that people will start to see now that it is not important to have lots of money, but that the worth of each human being is as big as he/she gives to others and the community. my wish is that after the pan-demi indeed all greed will be gone. And that all over the world governments do realize that new pandemics will come as long as nature stays abused.

    1. Thank you for sharing a beautiful and thoughtful comment (as you usually do), Cecile. Less greed and more appreciation for all in our society and taking care of nature are all things I would like to see more of in the world after the pandemic too. Stay safe and take good care!

  5. Thank you for doing this! I am honored to be a part of your community and the global community that cares in this way. My offering in your fire 🔥…

    Something Greater

    Everything I desire
    Settles quietly like a reason
    To believe that something
    Greater promises to take care of us

    1. Lovely, thank you Geino for your verse and comment. I hope you are keeping well.

  6. My brain is still trying to wrap itself around what is happening, but in this moment, these are my thoughts…

    The beauty in each soul that graces the ground we ALL walk collectively.

    The amazingly resilient, yet fragile world we ALL share.

    That each and every one of us matters, we ALL matter.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts Doree! I am glad to hear from you and I hope you are staying safe and healthy in all this chaos. We ALL matter! 1000%!

  7. Sometimes it’s about the little things, a smile can brighten someone’s day. Hopefully when this is over we will be friendlier, kinder and care more about each other and our planet.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Angela. I really love the idea of a kinder more caring world. I hope we can take better care of the planet. It has been interesting to see the pollution levels fall as places deal with the virus. Stay safe and well!

  8. We need to stop global warming.
    We need to stop putting profit over people.
    We need to allow our brother and sisters immigrant and refugees into our countries.
    We need to stop mass incarceration.
    We need to stop police brutality.
    We need to stop racism at the structural level.
    We need to kick out Trump and white supremacy.
    We need to create societies and governments based on solidarity and collectivity.
    We need to stop the ableist patriarchy.
    Yes to inclusivity, sharing, peace, and togetherness!

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision for a better world. We have lots of work to do once this crisis is over! A more inclusive and peaceful world, you have a good blueprint for that right here in this comment! I hope our societies can embrace such positive changes. Stay safe and well. Wishing you all the best.

  9. There’s no better world. Just a different one. Not to destroy any dreamers dreams here. How should we dream of a reality that can not possibly be any better than reality. Never. It seems like a door that immediately closes, after you tried to enter. Because before and after: you knew.

    1. Hi Chris, it sounds like you are saying that the change that is possible, is already here – we just have to recognize it. Is that what you mean?

  10. What if the pandemic causes people to reject the idea of a growth economy and move to a sustainable model? What if it makes us place more value on relationships and community? What if it makes us realize we need to protect the environment so that there are green spaces widely available? What if we funnel money and energy into science and medicine and education so that we can all live healthier, richer lives? What if we reassessed our values and stopped placing such a premium on an artificial ideal beauty and realized our own hair and skin is already okay as it is? What if we all started valuing time in nature and with friends and family over acquiring more stuff? What if we all stopped thinking we need bigger houses, newer cars, and flashier toys? What if this makes us all realize that there is such a thing as “enough” and that it’s not right to claim a disproportionate share of the earth’s resources for ourselves? What if we actually starting thinking of each other as family and prioritize the good of all of us over the good of the individual? There is an opportunity embedded in this horrific situation and I sure hope we come to see that.

    1. Thank you so much for posting such an aritculate and beautiful comment and vision for a better world. Your words describe the kind of world in which I would like to live and I hope that you are right and we will come to see this pass after this terrible pandemic comes to a conclusion. A world of more substance, love and respect for each other and nature and building a world that is more healthy and sustainable for all. Beautiful. Stay safe and well and I am honoured to include this in the project and firing.

    1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. I am grateful they will be included in this project!

    1. Thank you for your comment and participating in this project. I wish you much success with your intention and all the best. Letting go can be hard, but is sometimes necessary. Peace.

  11. My dream from this is for a world where we can have elected leaders that genuinely care for the wellbeing of the people and when they make decisions, it’s from a place of love and care for our planet and for all beings.

    1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful comment and dream for this project TN. This is something that I would like to see too. It’s long overdue and needed. It seems like politics has become a zero sum game and politicians and more focused on winning then the people who they are elected to serve, protect and help. Stay safe and well!

    1. I would like that too. People of all ages have so many talents and things that we can learn. I have found that having firneds of all ages has greatly helped me learn and grow as a human. Thank you for sharing this. Stay safe and well!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share! Very wise words. I am fond of the saying that sometimes we need to experience some darkness to see and appreciate the light. To many beautiful silver linings! Stay safe and well. Peace.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I will have more details in the next week about this project. I hope you will participate with a comment on what changes you would like to see in the world to make it better!

  12. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share! Very wise words. I am fond of the saying that sometimes we need to experience some darkness to see and appreciate the light. To many beautiful silver linings! Stay safe and well. Peace.

  13. We need to respect all people of different colors, religions and respect people’s right to believe in something we don’t. We need to stop passing judgement on people that look different then we do as we should all be sisters and brothers.

  14. We are not religious, but we think a day of rest would do all of us good. Stores did not used to be open on Sundays, so Sundays were about family and relaxing. With seeing how pollution has been reduced with this social isolation, one day a week of not working, not shopping,not running around like chickens with our heads cut off could be as good for the planet as for the people who populate it. I’m even considering “no iPad Sundays”

  15. My hope for post-corona times is that kindness should really prevail. Not meaningless posts and tweets, but genuine, loving-kindness.

    Kim ( and

    1. I hope for this as well, Kim. I will aim to be that change and hope you might join me

  16. My hope is that people will stop treating animals like resources to be exploited and start treating them as our fellow inhabitants on this planet, worthy of kindness and respect.

  17. It doesn’t hurt to try it. I simply must choose words wisely so I don’t get hated on from other readers : ) I hope for ·A real solution other than ruining lives of (humans & animals) with a forced economic collapse. ·We need to develop antibodies to this thing. We may not be able to trust what we’re told. What if they never find a cure, if so, what if people disagree with forced inoculations? ·For whatever happens on the other side of this to not be authoritarian or more oppressive in nature, that all peoples will have a heightened opportunity of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness in their respective beautiful lands.

  18. To remember how much we took strength from one another and chose to be affirming and supportive in a time that is so easy to push people away.

    My wish is for the community spirit to continue to grow and connect.

  19. Thank you so much for this! What a beautiful vision! My hope for this resurrection post pandemic is for the world to become curious again. I hope we can embrace a mode of living that respects the natural world, including the natural human that lives within us all, and that we can develop a new relationship with the divine mother and father archetypes by which we create a society that is integrated and sustainable with our environment. All my love and prayers and dreams 🙏

  20. One thing that I would like to come out of all of this is that WE REMEMBER. We remember that we slowed down. We remember that we were kinder to those near us and that we don’t need a pandemic to offer acts of kindness. I hope we remember to go for those walks and call our parents on a regular basis. To cook more and hug as often as we can. I hope we remember that fear doesn’t help but faith does….because we were never alone. And we never will be.


    In the middle of a pandemic
    it’s difficult to plan for a future.
    Tomorrow is not promised
    at the best of times.
    We live day-by-day,
    yet we yearn for a tomorrow,
    one not weighted with sorrow,
    fear and a sense of tedious sameness.
    Tomorrow is the future.
    Ready or not, it will come.

  22. I wish to thank you for visiting my site frequently. I am grateful. I think your Covid-19 sculpture looks great! Regarding the virus as dangerous as it is I believe somehow we are closer to a Higher Power and some will be happy some not so happy. In reference to Fatima and the Third Secret. This is my thinking anyway. I don’t push God on anyone. Praying for your continued health and happiness.

  23. My dream is for all individuals in the world to grow together, in peace, with enough clean water, healthy food, creating a society in harmony with nature, human rights and equal opportunities

  24. This pandemic has brought all countries together, if post pandemic too we will follow the practice of one globe one big family different cultures and languages…globe will surely look like beautiful rainbow with 7 colors…just a perspective
    Stay safe and healthy

  25. My hope (better late than never!) is that we learn to look beyond ourselves and care for our brothers and sisters a little better. Some of us are having some trouble with that here in the US right now.

  26. I can’t remember if I’ve written anything for you here. I’m sure I’ve seen this before: such a lovely idea. ❤️

    My wish is for peace. No judgement, at all: full acceptance and equality. For all people. I believe the world would be such a beautiful place if we could all step right back, for a moment, and see the purpose in our individuality. But also see the beauty of our sameness- and never ever tear that apart.

    I think of everything in nature. Out there, quietly doing what needs to be done: no judgement to the third flower on the left who’s a little bit wonky. It’s all just…happening, exactly the way it’s meant to happen.

    And then there’s us. Fighting for control of every step. Fighting those who stand in our way. Fighting. More fighting. Fighting. My wish is for peace, like a beautiful blanket of quiet upon the world. Always my wish will be for peace. xx

  27. I hope for more awareness of the importance of taking care of yourself and taking care not to expose others when people are sick, even with colds. I hope people actually stay home when sick instead of going out or to work and spreading whatever they have further. For some, this is always a danger because any sickness can be serious. I hope we learn to be more cautious and conscientious.

  28. I do believe we are going through a chrysalis of change. When the ‘butterfly’ emerges at the end of this, I do see possibilities for a world more heart-centered than mind-centered. The possibilities that we better understand how we are all connected, to the Mother, to each other, and to the unseen world. I hope for more joy and gratitude for the simplest of things. And that each breath we take brings us closer to each other despite any differences in race, culture or beliefs. We may not see this in our lifetimes, but I hope we realize that we have the power to implement this change through love and not fear.

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