The World Is Changing

Has anyone else noticed?

I am not talking about just the immediate impact of the coronavirus outbreak and all these new terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘self isolation’, or ‘flatten the curve’. We seem to be at a real crossroads where as individuals and collectively as a society we need to make some serious choices and sacrifices.

Like most people, the coronavirus has taken me away from seeing friends and some of my favourite places. I imagine that my art show will be cancelled too, because unlike others who may be far more powerful than I, I know there is no chance that this will be over by Easter. I hope I am wrong. I really do, but unless someone stumbles upon a cure or vaccine soon it seems likely we are in a holding pattern for awhile.

Or are we? Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that everyone just carry on as normal, but perhaps there are other options available to us all. We humans can be pretty clever when we set our mind to it. Just look at all the companies re-tooling to make face masks and shields, gowns and even ventilators.

Where there is soap, there is hope.

Since many of us have more time on their hands these days, maybe it is time for us all to decide what kind of world we want to live in. One that values human life where we take care of each other and nourishes people to reach their full potential? Or one where human life is expendable because of an abstract concept called the economy?

As an artist, you may not be surprised to hear that I choose people over profits. No one becomes an artist to get rich quick, and if you do, I wish you luck! It’s not that I do not like nice things, but nothing is nicer to me than the people I love. I want the best for them, for them to remain healthy and find as much happiness as they possibly can. Not only do I want this for them, but I want this for everyone.

It is in times of struggle that the greatest opportunity for growth and change can come. Is this awful pandemic a call to change? To think more local, to garden more, to support our neighbours and communities? To evaluate what we can do for the world to make it better? Is it time to break free from old paradigms that no longer serve us, those we love, our neighbours, the planet, and most of humanity? I hope so!

I am interested to hear what you think. What positive changes do you see possible in the wake of this pandemic for yourself and our world?

My hope is that when this is all over, we realize how precious life is and we put as much effort into solving problems like hunger, poverty and environmental destruction as we are with this pandemic. Otherwise, we maybe doomed to repeat this.

Stay healthy and safe! And six feet away (for now). Sending love and good energy to all who want some.

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  1. I love this idea, and I also think this is a great time to reassess our society. It is intriguing to everyone stand together as well as those who are choosing fear and greed over safety for all. But I have seen this all before. A major difference in this pandemic is that it is worldwide. We truly are in this together if we choose to be or not. It is inescapable. We also have the choice of what we do with this new perspective. Great post. You gave me a lot to think about today.

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful reply. I find this situation to be heart breaking and hope we learn from this and make the world a better place. I think after the pandemic we need to dream big. I hope after we weather this storm we realize we can do much more to make people’s lives and the world better.

  2. You have some good points, but I think you miss the fact that the economy does have a direct impact on people’s lives. There are those of us out here who literally need a functioning economy and a paycheck to survive. I think you ignore the hardship that this economic turmoil places so many people in. I know that’s not your intention, I just feel like you’re a little off base on this one. True care for people doesn’t ignore the economy and the effect it has on daily life.

    And no, it won’t be over by Easter. I wish it could be over today.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I did not mean to give that impression. People are the economy and I believe they deserve the same level of support as corporations from the government. Most people receiving gov’t support at this time will end up spending all that money and putting it back into the economy. I also believe we need to rethink the economy. This pandemic has shown vulnerabilities in our supply chain and makes a good case for more localized production. I also think that we can change the way we shop and work without putting people at risk, such as ordering online and delivery/pick up from stores in the short term. I also think this situation may have many companies embrace employees working from home.
      I want everyone to have what they need to survive and thrive and not risk their lives and not see a million people die. We must find a way through innovation and ensure we are better prepared in the future.

      1. Yeah. That is the gist of it. Wishing you all the best. Stay safe!

  3. I am hoping to see that more people value other people’s jobs and professions not by the degrees they have. I have met so many people who think they are superior to other human beings because of their Ivy League degree. As we all can see, the workers at the grocery stores and many underpaid workers are doing the heavy work right now besides our hospital staff and educational staff. Much love and respect to everyone. Raise your child to treat people with respect regardless of profession by how you interact with them

    1. I am 100 percent with you on this one. People deserve respect (and better pay) for these underpaid jobs. Not just now, but in the future. I hope that this situation may help change that. Several grocery chains here have raised employees wages (not enough Imo) but it is a start. Thanks for your comment. Stay safe 👍🙏

  4. Unfortunately this is going to last a good while.

    Let’s not underestimate this situation and may everyone be safe and use common sense (the good kind.)

    1. Stay safe and healthy! I agree that common sense is needed and I really hope we can minimize the loss of life and make the world better once we come through this.

  5. The current situation invites us all to re-order our perspectives. You can’t have an economy without people these days, for all practical purposes, you can’t have people without an economy. But people are what make the economy work so it would be best if we stay healthy for everybody’s sake, not just our own. For some thoughts about what we can do to get through the immediate situation and maintain our sanity, see my blog of this past Monday. Be well. Do good. Create.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I have some creating and gardening to keep me busy. I am also thinking this is a great time to support small businesses and artists, so I plan of doing more of that and growing a bigger garden than normal and share the veg with those in need. Stay well and safe. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you Mark. It’s been said us artists are the dreamers of society. I like to think we are just a little ahead of our time. Stay safe and well. Wishing you all the best!

  6. Wonderful, insightful blog! I like the comment of really appreciating and respecting the underpaid workers. I worked level entry jobs for years as I tried to find my place in the world. Tim Hortons, Lawtons Drug Store, are an example. These jobs are tough in their own way, including treatment from customers that can vary from polite, to non-existent, and rude. Perhaps as a result of this virus, today’s definition of hero will bring to mind grocery store workers, gas attendants, drug store staff, those working to provide us with our essential needs during this pandemic.

    1. I think most of us not born to wealth have had those jobs, which not only come with less pay, but dealing with some difficult people. I learned a few things from those jobs. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. You are right. These people are not just heroes now. It’s literally because of them we can eat and have the essentials of life.
      Thank you for your comment. You really are a joyful Stephanie. Stay healthy and safe 🙏

  7. If we fail to see this as a wake-up call to re-think and reform, we are the worst kind of fools. There is no going back to the old normal. We can only choose what the new normal will be. I hope we come out of this with a new vision of the connections between people and the value of those who work those un-glamorous jobs like stocking groceries. The virus is showing us the real heroes in our midst. We simply must learn from this.

    1. I hope that you are right and I hope the new normal we choose is the one that values human life and potential more for all. I think this is a real wake up call and a moment that can lead to beneficial changes. People in any job deserve our respect and appreciation, from cashiers, to sanitation workers or servers. The unglamourous jobs are not the easiest and I hope that this situation leads to a living wage for more professions (preferably all of them!). Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  8. I do hope people will change and not go back to the way it was. We do need to choose people over profits.
    I think this will spark people to do better and be better.

  9. Unfortunately I dont share your optimism. When this is all over we will just go back to the way we were, except if another pandemic strilkes, which it will, we react a little faster socially and a produce a vaccine quicker.

    1. You may be right, but I really hope you are wrong on this. (no offence) I can understand why you feel this way though. Stay safe and healthy!

    1. Yes we are! How are you holding up? It must be an interesting time for you, with a new special someone in your life and all this chaos around! Stay safe! All the best to you and yours!

      1. Indeed! The adjustment to everything, has become my new normal. Some aspects are INCREDIBLE! Some other aspects are shocking.
        I wish we, you and I, could talk more one on one. We got the time!

      2. Well we can! Is it cool if I DM you on twitter later this evening on the twitter verse?

      3. That’d be great! I don’t have three Twitter app, but I’ll redownload it. If I don’t answer right away, I’m surely get back to you asap.

  10. There is hope and the way people are being forced to be at home, surely many of them will discover their inner creativity. People will be more tuned into their families and children. So love is sure to win. But only when we get back to normal hope the realisation continues.

  11. I feel like I’m bailing, but I agree with everyone here. They have spoken more articulately than I could at the moment. We need to find a way to earn a decent living while working with each other and the environment. What a bleeding heart! Ha! But it’s true. Just because you can stick through four or more years of higher education doesn’t mean you are wiser than those who have stuck four or more years in the working world.

    1. You are right and it does not take the higher education to know that. I have had my feet in both worlds and I can tell you that the jobs I have had that did not require higher education were often more challenging and stressful, just in different ways. Everyone deserves a living wage that can support themselves comfortably. Stay well and safe!

  12. I am learning we don’t actually need all the activities we are now prohibited from. Life in some ways is really simple right now, and I hope we retain some of that long-term.

    1. I’m already there, some people I know are having serious social withdraw issues. My wife and I live pretty simply to begin with. I miss visiting museums and galleries but in due time.

      1. There are some great virtual museum tours online! I know it is not the same, but might help you get a bit of a fix in the meantime! Being more of an introvert the social stuff has not been too challenging for me. I work from home and even before this there were weeks when I would only leave the house a few times. Stay safe and well.

      2. Naw, not the same. Before I met my wife my entire social life mainly consisted of going to the movies. With Jess we started talking trips, mostly day trips or weekend getaways…hopefully by the fall this will have all subsided and we can travel somewhere to celebrate 10 years as a couple, this May it will be 7 years as a married couple.

    2. That is a good observation. I am realizing this as well. It’s funny I was speaking with a friend today on the phone about this very thing. I think for me, I will be mindful when it is time to add activities back in and see what is really serving me and what is not. Stay safe and well and thank you so much for the comment!

  13. One month ago, my daughter was laid off from her retail job through no fault of her own. She has applied for ei and is still waiting for her first check. Her partner works i.t. part time for a university. He is saddled with student debt. As they both put in application after application, hope fades.

    She had to stop putting in applications last week. She laid drenched in fever with a migraine. One of thousands of Canadians who have Covid19 and have been told to just stay at home unless an ambulance is required. It’s not bad advice but it is frightening for a young person to hear. I have been worried, unable to just hop a flight and be there for her.

    She has kind friends. One did shopping for her, dropping it at the door and standing back. Fearful but wanting to help. One brought her meds. Knowing it would help. One brought her food from the school cafeteria which closed down , leaving food, apples and chocolate milk to be donated. The Chocolate fairy is always welcome. A total stranger had pizzas sent to her through an online pizza angel thing. Selfless acts of kindness.

    She got better. Time and kindness got her there. That was just yesterday.

    This morning, she called in tears. She does not cry easily. Her partner was in the background throwing up, not from illness but from worry. Someone had hacked his bank card and cleaned out his account, including his overdraft protection. Evil greed bit recklessly. Rent is due in five days. The bank phone lines were not connecting. Panic was raw in her voice. In spite of my own funds being decimated in the shock market crash, I had enough to send them. I am fortunate to be able to help her. His own family, including an uncle high in the bank that the account was from, refused to help, not being asked for money, just being asked to have someone look into the hack. Devoid of compassion or even familial feeling. My heart broke to hear the rejection in his voice as he told me about this.

    Later, they called me again. Their landlord offered to delay the rent if they couldn’t afford it. (They paid it, not wishing to take advantage) Kindness from a stranger. The bank was finally reached and acknowledged the hack but told him that the money would be 3-5 weeks before it would be back in his account. A person willing to help. A system more bureaucratic than useful.

    The stress is physical, all encompassing, debilitating. Still, he set his panic aside and worked his shift. Bravery. Steadfastness. Resolve.

    Throughout this Pandemic, we see and will continue to see the true souls of people. We will learn what rules serve the people and what systems thwart humanity. We will see people setting their own priorities above the greater good. We will choose who we wish to be.

    When the dust settles, we will choose our future.

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Blessed Be,

  14. This is absolutely beautiful!! I can only hope that we start to treat others better. 🙂 Also, SUPPORT LOCAL! This one is huge for me, as we live in a small town. We went out to lunch today so we could support our favorite local burger place. 🙂

  15. Here’s my devilish-advocate-ish take: my hope is that we’ll see, regardless of the pandemic, that we are balanced between two big ideas: one, that so much of the world is beyond our control; and two, that so much of the world is what we make it to be.

    That’s how it’s always been – our brains have always know this – but it has taken this shock wave for our hearts to believe it as well.

  16. I am also hoping and praying that we will all take this unique opportunity to move forward from where we were and do things a whole lot better in the future.

    1. You are not alone in that! I hope that will be the future as well. Thank you for your kind comment and holding that intention. The more who do, the more likely it is that things will change. Sending good energy and stay safe!

  17. This is a thought-provoking post. I hope the situation is resolved soon and that it produces some beneficial and long-term changes in society. I’m not completely confident that these changes will happen, though.

    1. I can totally understand and relate to the thought that this may not lead to change, but I am hoping we are proven wrong. It is long overdue, and I am going to do what I can to hold the space for such beneficial changes. Thanks for commenting and please stay safe and healthy!

  18. Great read! I wish more people chose wellbeing over a buck but unfortunately thats how it is. I too hope this will end sooner than later. Where there is soap, there is hope! Stay safe!

    1. Hopefully this will help nudge people in the right direction and it is over soon. I can see how hard it is on people, and the suffering it is bringing gives me a heavy heart. Wishing you lots of hope and suds! Stay safe and healthy and thank you for your comment.

  19. I anticipate a small-but-strong uptick in all kinds of light manufacturing now that we’ve seen how dangerous it is to import critical supplies and medications. I suspect there will be an upsurge in healthcare degrees among Gen Zers, who will view the field as heroic even if socialized medicine (and salaries more in line with the rest of the U.S.) is all that can save the system from collapse. I suspect couples who are thinking of marriage will go for it in war-time style, in living room or courthouse weddings. I hope people will get fitter and healthier from all this walking and that some will forge a closer relationship with God.

    Be well and blessed!

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful and insightful comment. I agree with your observations. I have already decided to change how I shop in the future and will try to support local even more and think more about what systems I am supporting in my purchases. In Canada our doctors make a pretty decent wage and our healthcare spending is lower per capita. I would not suggest that our system is perfect, but socialized medicine is not impossible or scary and I hope we expand our coverage to perscription drugs and dental.
      Your comments about weddings made me smile, because I have read a few things where everyone is predicting a bit of a baby home with all of these couples staying home.
      For me this whole situation is expansive for my spirituality.
      Be blessed, stay safe and healthy and sending good vibes!

  20. I feel we will get through this and my hopes are we learn from it. Our world is forever changed and so is humanity. I believe we should move forward and make the world a better place.

    Mankind can’t control the earth. It will however control the world, for ‘world’ is a human construct

    1. I hope you are right and that more people are focussed on making the world a better place for all. World is very much a human construct. I have no doubt the Earth will survive us no matter what we do to it. I hope we can learn to live in greater harmony with it. Stay safe and well and keep writing your beautiful words.

  21. Hoping many of us make it through this and hoping it ‘reboots’ the world to a better new normal. I don’t think normal will be back, just a new normal.
    Life is precious, the fact that we hold on to those special people right now shouts this from the rooftops.
    Just in my own circle there’s people discovering that most of their office work can be achieved at home so they are questioning the hour long commutes. For some they are coming out online and sharing their skills, their thoughts, and supporting communities. Society is pulling together in many areas. Neighbours are watching out for each other instead of keeping to themselves. The 8pm NHS Clap saw thousands linked in unison- heart warming and heart breaking simultaneously.
    We’re all on the same rock, we ain’t getting off it!
    I’m hoping the new normal holds on to that social caring that is developing
    Great post 😎

    1. I hope you are right about that. I was amazed to see how quickly the pollution decreased over parts of the world under self isolation or lock down. In terms of relationships, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and now that people have more time, I am finding more friends are reaching out to me, which is a huge blessing in such a trying time. Stay well and safe and thank you so much for your comment.

  22. The importance of solidarity, and valuing others (especially those I might have once taken for granted e.g. retail workers) has stood out for me during this previous ten or so days.

    1. I am with you on those observations. I think this has taught me more gratitude for simple things in life I sometimes take for granted. Thanks so much for your comment and stay safe and well!

  23. Nothing will ever be the same again, and this will not go away soon. I pray there are enough sensible and empathetic people in the world to make a positive difference! Take good care Jay!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I pray you are right and that the world will be a more positive place once the dust settles, whenever that is. I hope the empathetic people’s voices drown out the other voices. Stay safe and well and thanks for your lovely comment. Keep making beautiful art!

  24. I try to keep my head out of this and not let it impact my life. I have been self-isolating for many years so nothing new, I have had everything removed from me that I valued so already down to minimum. I have released the pain and trauma as I watched everything crumble before my eyes. I was prepared for this many years ago and here to help, support and love those who struggle to calm down and move forward positively releasing their tight grip on a life which is changing before their very eyes.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and wise words. I think it is beautiful that even after what you have experienced that you are willing to offer help, support and love for those who will struggle with this sort of experience. Change is hard for many, regardless of the circumstances, nevermind a pandemic. Stay safe and well, sending positive energy your way.

      1. Thank you dear friend for you gratifying words. We have to be here to help those who are weaker to become stronger. This is part of my mission and other’s mission we have been strengthening for many years in isolation. Now I meet them on-line we walk forward together to heal and help others through their time of anguish. You stay safe and blessings to you and yours.

    2. I’m having the same experience — just about no change in my life at all. More stories of human kindness to pass on to my readers and a renewed sense of dedication to that work — otherwise — same!

  25. The good things from this pandemic : having more time to see and gather with my family, no traffic jam, the air quality ia better (reduce the polution). Stay safe and healthy. Warm regards.

  26. Loved this post! I too hope that many of the good things coming out of this will remain going forward: like all the online learning and art <3

  27. I too hope for people to change permanently for the better as a result of this. We have such a throw-away society that exploits everything from the environment to the people around us. Maybe this will help us all figure out what there is of value, and then help us hold on rather than letting it slip carelessly away.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think this is definitely a time for a lot of learning.

    1. ‘Stay Alive, Sanitize!’ Not as hopeful because hand sanitizer is pretty scarce LOL Fortunately soap is more effective! Stay safe and well and thanks for your comment!

    1. THank you for your kind wishes and comment! Stay safe and well in this changing time too!

  28. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I appreciate your positive outlook. Take good care and stay healthy and safe. Wishing you all the best!

  29. Beautifully put. As much as I don’t ever want to give in to fear I also want to be safe and keep my family and friends safe. It IS a scary time but I DO see so much good coming out of this period already. One of my favourite things that I am already seeing is a ( forced!) return to family life/values. People are together in their homes and learning to be a family again. People are baking so much bread that the shelves are now empty of yeast ! The hopeful memes are finally starting to outnumber the terrifying ones. People are singing out their windows and secretly doing acts of kindness. I want to look for the good. I want to be a part of the good that comes out of this. And I want to look to hope. Always.

    1. thank you for your kindness and your comment, Laura. I hope you are keeping well.

  30. Not an optimist on this. The speed of the spread is such. It will last. For the very first time i saw some fellow humans got it for a second time, young and strong ! Haven’t seen the worst yet, unfortunately. Still, there are places and people that do not understand the danger. Not to speak about the politicians.

    In case we make it, things won’t be the same, all over. Undoubtedly and without any question. I wish and i hope -like everybody else- to be able to make it, but is not enough to wish and to hope. Take care and stay safe.

  31. Thanks for sharing your views.
    I believe, there is always another side of every situation, that is, Good and Bad. unfortunately, we Humans are alwasy creebing for the worst part and not focusing on Good one.

    Me, as an individual, would like to say that, after this lockdown situation, I have realized that I can do much more interesting things sitting at home rather just forwarding useless posts and hatred .

    I did my part by converting my terrace into a home Gym.

  32. Here in the U.S., I have felt a malaise hanging over the world since the beginning of our past 2016 Presidential runs for office…since that time it seems the earth has been trying to get the attentions of humans through one disaster after another. Now, we MUST pay attention. Perhaps realizing the few things that are central to our lives, and a willingness to sacrifice, share and love one another will emerge with the next generation – Generation C. This is my hope.

  33. I don’t ever win anything. Well, not exactly true. I won’a small transistor radio in 3rd grade in a raffle contest at school. I’m not sure if I’m subscribed here or not. Maybe you could enter me.

    If I survive this pandemic, I have hope for a new life. Spiritual cleansing, making new friends, travel, and love, love, love!!!

  34. I decided to check out this blog because you liked my post, “There are weeks when decades happen”. This is a very nice article. Although I am not working now, my job is at the Tucker’s Pottery Supply outside of Toronto, coincidentally!

    1. Small world! I have most definitely purchased from Tucker’s in the past. Thanks for doing what you do and I hope you are keeping well!

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