The World Is Changing

Has anyone else noticed?

I am not talking about just the immediate impact of the coronavirus outbreak and all these new terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘self isolation’, or ‘flatten the curve’. We seem to be at a real crossroads where as individuals and collectively as a society we need to make some serious choices and sacrifices.

Like most people, the coronavirus has taken me away from seeing friends and some of my favourite places. I imagine that my art show will be cancelled too, because unlike others who may be far more powerful than I, I know there is no chance that this will be over by Easter. I hope I am wrong. I really do, but unless someone stumbles upon a cure or vaccine soon it seems likely we are in a holding pattern for awhile.

Or are we? Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that everyone just carry on as normal, but perhaps there are other options available to us all. We humans can be pretty clever when we set our mind to it. Just look at all the companies re-tooling to make face masks and shields, gowns and even ventilators.

Where there is soap, there is hope.

Since many of us have more time on their hands these days, maybe it is time for us all to decide what kind of world we want to live in. One that values human life where we take care of each other and nourishes people to reach their full potential? Or one where human life is expendable because of an abstract concept called the economy?

As an artist, you may not be surprised to hear that I choose people over profits. No one becomes an artist to get rich quick, and if you do, I wish you luck! It’s not that I do not like nice things, but nothing is nicer to me than the people I love. I want the best for them, for them to remain healthy and find as much happiness as they possibly can. Not only do I want this for them, but I want this for everyone.

It is in times of struggle that the greatest opportunity for growth and change can come. Is this awful pandemic a call to change? To think more local, to garden more, to support our neighbours and communities? To evaluate what we can do for the world to make it better? Is it time to break free from old paradigms that no longer serve us, those we love, our neighbours, the planet, and most of humanity? I hope so!

I am interested to hear what you think. What positive changes do you see possible in the wake of this pandemic for yourself and our world?

My hope is that when this is all over, we realize how precious life is and we put as much effort into solving problems like hunger, poverty and environmental destruction as we are with this pandemic. Otherwise, we maybe doomed to repeat this.

Stay healthy and safe! And six feet away (for now). Sending love and good energy to all who want some.

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  1. Good one. This pandemic would leave people more compassionate. And maybe the ego of high minded people wil get a jolt too.✨
    Hoping for a healthy world.

  2. I do think we will come out changed. That’s my hope, anyway >< I have been following the COVIDSh*tlist hashtag on twitter closely, which details how businesses are treating their employees. There are businesses I will be supporting and businesses I will be avoiding when this is all over fur sure.

  3. Our memories are short, and the sympathy and compassion will only last so long, sadly.
    My fear is that we have been entirely too tunnel visioned in our approach to this crisis – yes, we needed to “flatten the curve” so our medical systems wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of Covid-19, but this isn’t really a life vs. money issue anymore – there are lives impacted on both sides of the equation, and the optimal solution is not all on one side or the other.
    Like everything else in life, extremes are never the soluton (at least not for long) – everything in moderation.
    My hope for change is related more to preparedness – build up stockpiles so we’re not flat-footed next time (very doable), maybe some more honesty up front from China (not likely) or other parties in future crisis. It would be nice if agendas could be set aside so the immediate problems could be addressed efficiently.

  4. I am noticing that people of every sort are realizing that our world is changing, but do you see the whole picture? It is not just the COVID-19 that is changing the world and puts the fate of humans and the earth smack dab in our faces. All the problems we see today are not local; here or in China. The entire world is suffering because of many things, not just the virus. Do you really believe that man can solve the sorry conditions that he has created? It is unthinkable that anyone can believe man can is capable of cleaning up his mess. It is only one personage that is able to straighten out the greed, and selfishness of mankind in general.That is none other than our Creator. He is able to, He wants to, and He will take action soon.

  5. Really enjoyed your post. I think we have lived a disconnected life for a long time — shielded by modern comforts and diversions. Like you, I hope with all my heart that we gain a lasting connection as a result, to this earth and to the people around us. I am not naive enough to think everyone will see things that way (especially when I hear people say lives should be sacrificed for the economy rather than finding a path to preserve both), but perhaps enough more will awaken and reconnect after all this to create real momentum toward lasting change.

  6. Interesting. As many damages as it caused, I personally feel that this period indeed serves as an opportunity for each individual and institution to reflect and reconsider their priorities and what truly matter. In my opinion, the ideal goal would be for people to realise that this time should be take to raise the awareness that at the end of the day, we all live on the same planet, humans, animals, plants and we have to cohabit with each other. The way to survive and win a fight that targets us all, is to be united. The coronavirus pandemic reinforces my perception that all humans are equal and we should all have the same humans rights whatever gender, race, social class or religion we are. SO yes, I agree with what you stated in your post and I hope more people also believe that we gotta take care of each other 🙂 Keep on sharing!

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