Spring Among The Trees

The Tree of Life - Raku Pottery Sculpture

With spring on it’s way, I am looking forward to seeing buds coming on the trees and the birds returning. It won’t be long now.

When thinking of cycles of spring and rebirth, the Tree of Life always comes to mind.

The tree of life is prevalent in the mythologies of the world. It is considered to be a symbol of creation and interconnectedness. Common roots of our world family can be found in this concept, and not just in some far off ancient texts.

For my first solo art exhibition, ‘Myth of Family’, I created a sculptural piece honouring this mystical tree.

It is a theme I like to explore in my work. You may recall a previous work I did by this name, which is now one of the windows in my studio.

Tree of Life
‘Tree of Life’ – Beach Glass Window

The world needs trees. It is a delicate balance of interconnected organisms on a scale that I feel is beyond our imagining. Living beings on this planet, including microbes and plants work together in unexpected ways.

The Tree of Life, and many other artworks are explored in depth in my recent book A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends. The book collects stories across cultures and centuries, adapting them to my pottery with wit, love, compassion and joy. “A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends” is a decidedly modern take on the traditional topics of pottery, healing, community – and what it means to be human – all interwoven with the magic of raku and stunning pottery. It is available here for $25.

Perhaps people are not unlike this too. Why would we be an exception? The choices I make here may have a ripple effect, more prominently on those closest, but ripples can reach out far and wide. I do believe we are all interconnected in ways we can not understand.

Spring always reminds me of this fact. What do you most love about spring?

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  1. Your tree creations are beautiful. I also have explored the thematic creative possibilities of trees in my writing about families… their deep roots, how their branches grow and intertwine in unpredictable ways.

    1. Trees are incredible arent they? Hope you are doing well and staying safe, Mark!

  2. Your work is beautiful and love the thought you have into it as well ❤️

    I love spring because that means winter is over!!!! Summer is coming 😄❤️ I love the warm weather and sunshine ☀️… I am like a plant … I need the sunshine lol… you want to be outside more … it gets me excited with all the blooms and knowing that summer is coming… and again winter 😝 is over!! Lol ✌️ (not a big fan of winter) lol

    1. Thank you. The sun is wonderful isnt it! I completely understand,

      Hope you are well and staying safe,

      1. Yes all is well over here – knock on wood… so far so good… we are all on lock down/isolation and fairing pretty well. We have not gone insane yet lol 😄✌️

        Hope you and your family are well and doing well also!! Stay safe and well ✌️

  3. Yes. I switched out an older symbol I used to always wear and now always wear a necklace of the tree of life. Nice connection and writing and as always, lovely artistic exploration.

    1. Thank you Jane. I am glad you find a connection with the tree of life as well. Hope you are well and safe!

  4. Yes, humans are connected with nature, with each other, even within themselves. The human body itself mirrors this, with all sorts of disparate human cells and not-even-human organisms keeping the whole thing working.
    BTW – I like the tree

    1. thank you for your wonderful comment! We are very connected, especially today with what is going on in the world. I hope you are well and staying safe!

    1. Thank you! So glad you like. I am definitely a tree fan as well.Hope you are well and saying safe.

    1. Not too much I imagine! They are the other half of our lungs!

      Thank you and hope you are well and staying safe.

  5. My friend, this is a beautiful post from you! I love those tree sculptures and the jewelry as well. Stunning work you’ve created.

    I too believe all of Creation is more interconnected than we realize. It’s why we feel so powerfully moved on the inside when we get out into nature and take in its breathtaking beauty and wonder. We are connected and spiritually, we can feel and perceive it. It was all put here for our enjoyment. Our job was to care for and nurture the gift we’ve been given. Sadly, in many ways, we have failed miserably to do so.

    I think Spring is so beautiful as it speaks of new life. The seasons of our lives aren’t much different than seasons in the natural. Things die off and resurrect to life again. While others may never live again and that’s okay! Spring is hopeful, cheerful and bursting with hope! I love that 🙂

    Blessings to you my friend. It’s always wonderful to hear from you & read your posts. Your work is one of a kind, so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Holly, I really appreciate it. thank you for your kind comment, and I hope you are keeping well.

  6. Spying the new, bright green growth on plants and flowers just beginning to bud fills me with joy and energy. Here in Texas, it’s the bluebonnets, fleeting though they are, that steal the show. They are my favorite for the way they heartily blanket roadside hills and also for how brief their stay is. It reminds me that all things are temporary and changing.

    1. I can see why you say that! Trees are amazing! Hope you are well staying safe,!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Astrid! I hope you are well and staying safe,

  7. I really love your creations they’re beautiful. I love the spring mainly for the weather – almost perfect, the fresh breeze, love to see the trees coming alive and blossoming.

    1. it truly is a wonderful time of year and brings me hope as the seasons change.

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