Finding My Zen Place

I am on a healing journey, and I think many of us are in one way or another. I have heard it said that it is useful to think of one’s self as a tree. Grounded by roots, with a firm centre/core and flexible branches that can bend with the wind.

In the last month, as part of my healing journey, I have taken up yoga, which I believe helps us to become more tree-like.

Yoga is not for everyone, and rest assured I am not the most flexible person, but I have already noticed a slight improvement. I have also noticed that as easy as yoga may ‘appear’ to the casual observer that it is also provides a really good work out with lots of health benefits, both mental and physical.

I have not become a yoga expert quite yet, but fortunately I have a great teacher to help me master my downward dog posture.

I have found that yoga is a great way to relax, de-stress and unwind in create some peace of mind. I feel fortunate to have found an additional activity that helps me deal with my PTSD, like throwing on the pottery wheel does. You can read more about that in my blog post ‘How Pottery Helped my PTSD.

If you are looking for a little wearable talisman to bring a little more zen into your life, be sure to check out our jewelry pieces like the ones below here.

What kind of activities do you find beneficial for your self care and helping to foster inner peace?


  1. I did try yoga, but it may have been too relaxing as it almost put me to sleep. I find Qigong and Tai Chi relaxing as well as beneficial, but my favourite way to relax is a good walk. If it is on a mountain or by the ocean, that is just a bonus. Have a great day. Allan

  2. Indeed it is.

    You can also try meditation and visualize yourself as a grounded tree, with roots and all that- if you do not feel like moving.

    1. I find there can be some great youtube videos sometimes, if that helps. Thanks for your message!

  3. Glad you found peace with yoga. I’ve tried it a few times and through being patient one learns the skill of patience. I find my inner peace in cycling, music and walking (when I get the chance).

  4. I do exercises other than Yoga. I like exercises that make me move like dance moves. I find that plain ole’ housework helps me relax. The key is focusing on something that is not stressful.

  5. Good for you Jay! Yoga has not been easy for me, but I will try again someday! For now, I make sure I walk at least 3 miles a day, it gets me out in the sun and recharges my creative juices!

  6. Good on you! Yoga is not easy for me anymore. To get to my zen place I listen to music, cross-stitch and pet my darling kitten Bunty. She is a ginger kitty and super sweet.

  7. Believe it or not, writing soothes my jagged spirit. Not just the mere writing of words, but the research, the images, the wandering through the Internet like I often do. And music. Always music. Refocuses my spirit. Especially when I’m alone.

  8. Great post, I’m glad you’ve found another activity to help with PTSD. Yoga helps me keep my calm–when I make the time to do it–and it seems to give me an extra few seconds before I react so that any anger I may have dissipates a bit. I also journal fairly regularly. It’s a way of decluttering my brain, and it helps to see how I’ve dealt with issues in the past so that I can do it again.

  9. Definitely also a yoga fan. I have been slowly practicing it for around four years now, and I continue to see benefits, like not pulling any muscles on a recent ski trip despite some spectacular wipeouts 🙂

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