Name That Vase – February 2020 Edition

Hello and happy February! Welcome to the month of love and also to my monthly feature – ‘Name that Vase’.

For those who are new to this feature, ‘Name that Vase’ is where you can suggest a name, create a story, poem or prose for this raku pottery vase. Consider this your chance to be inspired, a writing prompt or a creative cue. You can check out a ‘Name that Vase’ post to see how it works, or if you are feeling nostalgic, you can check out the first ever ‘Name that Vase’ post that started what has now become a monthly tradition for our blog and readers.

Back in Name That Vase land, this month we have a very special vase for your naming, but first we must announce last month’s winner Doree with their name and poem. Congratulations Doree!


Sunken treasure
Speak to me
Your shell is cracked
But the shape
Stands clear
Be it in the eye of the beholder
Your glamor
Does not stammer
As you waltz your waltz with me
Take a bow
A fleeting moment
And see

Here is our vase for February:

Please add what you think the name should be for our February vase and any associated poetry or story in the comments below. I look forward to reading all your great ideas.

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  1. For me the vase is about autumn. My language is not english, so I ty to find the word. something like gourge? it is something you can eat and it grows from the land on a plant that places them on the floor. a bottle gorge? But it is a source of happy eating, healthy eating.

  2. Well, it’s February and Valentine’s is coming … February always makes me think of the heart.

    Your vase made me think of a heart – while it gets cracks from breaking on occasion, it can be mended, have strength and be beautiful…

    So I dunno… maybe the “Mended Heart”?


      1. Thank you! I love that you ask people for what they see in your work… which is beautiful btw.

        I am having a nice day thank you… and hope you are as well. 😊

  3. Old Soul

    For a time I held you
    Though you could not be kept.
    The rush of your leaving
    Left me cracked in ways that cannot
    Be seen.
    Do not mourn for me, for I
    Know what it is to embrace
    The deep where the fear of
    Desire resides.

  4. L’apres midi dore- the golden afternoon- the beautiful crackaleur pattern with the tawny gold color reminds me of looking into the tree tops on a spectacular hike last October- October 29 to b exact I think 🤔

    1. yes, the leaves of fall, I can see what you mean. Thank you for your submission!

  5. The vase is I dreamcicle orange color that takes me back to amusement parks. Some had pink things and others had dreamsicles…the dreamsicles remind me of your orange creamy vase that resembles calcite…I have a heart shaped Calcite stone that my brother gifted me at Christmas. I shall propose the name Dreamsicle Calcite vessel of

    1. I can see what you mean of the orange being reminiscent of the orange creamsicle! Now I am thinking of summer!

      Thank you for your entry!

  6. Another beautiful work of art. I see clearly the references to cork and leaves but I was struck by another, less classical and more contemporary inspiration. The marks on the vase struck me as routes and roads, major and minor. I nominate the vase name to be WAZE AROUND. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Thank you, Walter! I understand what you mean, it could be seen as an aerial view of the roads. Thank you for entry and kind comment!

  7. 🤗 I’m so honored! Thank you! I love this new vase too! It’s very much like the tiny vase you sent me with your book ❤️. I’ll be back to participate 😊.

    1. Thank you Doree! Always great to see you here in the comments. I hope you are having a great day so far!

  8. The leaves turn golden, dry and crackling underneath my feet, as I walk down the path to my father’s grave, unsure of what I seek.

  9. “Papyrus of Love ”
    Shade of the ancient scrolls
    Desert heart cracked and thirsting
    Love letters torn into shattered pieces
    The sands of time fill an empty vessel and broken love comes together again as one

  10. Bema

    My ears are full
    With the breath you breathe
    Sweet and gentle
    The summers swollen sun
    Placing life in my arms
    Feeling the warmth you give
    Somewhere inside
    There can be
    No better place to hide



    colors dance, blinding the eye
    yet there she sits, in the branches
    I love her as I always do

    “I am the little acorn,
    who becomes the mighty oak!”
    I call to her, or at least her vision

    in spirit, she smiles
    turns her head and giggles
    the woods alive
    with the smell of her body
    and warmth of her sound
    Sif’s golden fields
    Hecate’s magic charms

    then ever so slowly
    one by one,
    leaves dry,
    and fall
    to the ground
    leaving my
    heart buried
    in a mound
    of crackling papers

    the Dryad
    Have you seen her?

  12. Glazed to sustain your character
    Life looks upon you and penetrates a shine
    Highlighting definition in your beauty
    Taking a beholder into the depths of inspiration

    Shining Glory

  13. I guess nobody liked my first entry so I am trying again. I would name it A Unfinished Song. The color of the vase reminds me of old sheet music which has yellowed and cracked over time.

  14. First look at the vast and I was reminded of the barren land and drought. I would rather look at this vase as a Pitcher (Water bottle) and would have named it “Drought Reliever” weird I know but only this came to mind 😉

  15. The vase is named Gaia and the vase is The Earthen Womb. Buried over the ages deep in the earth, she surfaces on occasion carrying a find meant to be unearthed and ‘discovered’. As she journeys upwards and reaches the light of day, rising through the layers of civilizations, she ripens and swells, eventually cracking from the weight of her burden. As her moment of discovery approaches after she has arrived at her point of ‘discovery’, she cracks open to release her treasure. Through the crevices of this maternal vessel, a lost statue, a lost relic, a lost message from the untold history of humanity is brought forth to be revealed. An ancient artifact meant to be revealed and understood is released from the vessel. This lost statue, the lost relic that Gaia carried through the layers of earth history emerges through Gaia’s cracks, rolling onto the soil, awaiting its discovery. Gaia’s journey upwards to the surface and the discovery of the treasure delivered in her ceramic womb were written in the stars. And Gaia, the earthen womb vessel, after her labor, sinks back into the earth to heal her cracked surface and to tend to the buried secrets of humanity once again, eventually to surface with another treasure once again meant to be found and hopefully understood.

    1. Quite the story! Thank you for your submission and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Vincent! It is wonderful to have you here and I hope you are having an excellent day!

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