From Flames Come I!

I am a little excited to share with you some new pieces and an exciting announcement! Watch out tomorrow morning because we have finally fired the ‘Vase of Attraction’ and will be posting a firing video and pictures of it then!

In that same firing we fired some new jewelry with the ‘Vase of Attraction’. These pieces will be posted on the jewelry page shortly for sale. If you can’t wait because you need some bling to go with your ‘Nu Shooz’ you can purchase directly from this blog post with our new handy shopping cart feature.

Fresh from the kiln

These steampunk pieces are hard to photograph, but have a beautiful effect that actually makes them sparkle under certain lighting.

Raku Steampunk Gear Pendant 1
$25 (Shipping Included in Canada/US)
Raku Steampunk Gear Pendant 2
$25 (Shipping Included in Canada/US)

Raku Baby Yoda!

All the way from Arvala-7 and through the flames of raku, I am a little more than excited to present to you these handsome ‘baby’ yodas! Or is it Yodi. Knows nobody the plural, for there is only one Yoda! That we know of anyways.

Intergalactic Yoda Pendant
$25 (Shipping Included in Canada/US)
Raku Jade Yoda Pendant
$25 (Shipping Included in Canada/US)

And here is a prototype for a Tree of Life, for a little taste of the spring many in the Northern hemisphere are looking for. We also have a couple Buddha’s and a Ying-Yang necklace from this firing which will be posted soon!

Raku Tree Pendant
$23 (Shipping Included in Canada/US)

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It’s also the end of this post which means it is time to ask that very important question. . .

Do you also have trouble spelling “jewelry/jewellry/jewelleree/julery”?

If not, what words get you?

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  1. Gorgeous work!! And your writing! How is it fair that you can do both? It’s not! Yes it is, I’m just damn impressed. When exactly is “certain light”? 🤔

  2. Digging the steampunk necklaces. Even the baby Yoda pendants are cool, I like the top one where you have to really look closely to figure it out, a real conversation piece.

  3. Aww… Yoda! It’s odd, I was adding to my genres a few days ago. I was specifically trying to remember this song… I knew a goofy favorite was missing from the 80’s library. You just fixed that. Thanks!

  4. Oh, I love the Raku Tree Pendant! I’ve learned spelling is in the eye of the beholder! lol 🤣

    Even Grammarly can’t get it right! 😬

  5. I was thinkin in the preview pics- “that looks like a little Yoda”🧐- I like the black/marbled glaze best . And yes jewelry is tough- I think espresso is more difficult- mainly because when I hear someone say it it sounds like they r saying “expresso “- for years that’s how I though it was spelled. Silly moi 😜

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