What Are Your Dreams?

Are your thoughts the blueprint of your destiny? And if so, can a simple change in what you are thinking make any difference in what comes into your life? Or is the idea that ‘positive thinking’ can have a meaningful impact in the direction of ones life merely nice words that won’t yield many results?

These important questions are being pondered more by both science and spirituality. There are many who believe what you are thinking and feeling now is what you create in your future. That our thoughts have power.

My next community art project looks to explore the power of intention and positive thinking. The best part is that you can participate in this project.

‘Healing Vase’ – Our Fall community art project,

My concept for the ‘Vase of Attraction’ project is to allow the process of raku and the flames of the reduction process to act as a powerful intention to bring positive change for all who to choose to participate in this process collectively.

You may be wondering how you can participate in this process? The answer is simple. I am asking you to share one of the following in the written words of your choice in the comments on THIS page for the project:

  • What you would like to attract for 2020. What are your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year? This could be anything from more love, to new opportunities, personal growth or more joy.
  • Globally, what positive changes you would like to see in our world. This could be anything from peace, prosperity, or any type of universal global healing.

I only ask that you keep all comments positive, non political and respectful. I look forward to your submissions in the comments below.

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Looking for some lighthearted fun? Be sure to check out our first ever quiz ‘Which raku pottery vase/story are you?” here. And for those who celebrate, Christmas is coming!

You can get some beautiful holiday decor for yourself or as a gift.

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  1. Becoming a citizen of Gambia or Serra Leone while reading my WordPress! I love your posts! Your love of pottery follows My late Moms love and craft of Pottery! Thanks! ✨👌🏾✨

    1. I love hearing about your mother and her love of pottery, and I think your dream is beautiful. Sierra Leone is in such a beautiful part of the world and I think you have an incredible dream. I am sending good vibes your way 😉 Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I believe that everything starts with a thought. Then it’s the attitude that we have and the actions that we take. I see so many negative people that all they do is complain, thinking that somehow the universe is owing them things but they never change anything in their lives, they never take action to make their lives better. I used to be one of those negative people and once I changed my way of acting my life became so much better. I still struggle and I still have negative thoughts and feelings but I do my best to change them by taking the actions that will change them. For example, if you don’t like your job change it. I did it a few times and I’m out of something that was making me unhappy. So it’s not impossible, but it does take courage and effort and some want things but without the effort.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wise words. I do agree with you that if we fall into a negative thought pattern it can lead to inaction. Like you, if I am unhappy with something in my life, I try to change it through constructive action and visualizing what end result that I might like. I think part of life is struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, but they can be overcome a bit at a time with simple actions that build on one another. I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of good thoughts 😉

    1. Travel is such a wonderful experience and I hope you attract some wonderful new journeys! The world does need more harmony and I think that is beautiful. Thank you so much for participating in this project! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment and for being a part of this project. I think your thoughts are beautiful as I very much value depth and in part that does come from deeply listening with an open mind. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I am with you on the end of coal (add oil for me). Hopefully we can start to embrace sustainable energy and take better care of the planet. I hope that we can evolve and protect human diginity by making things like housing, food, clothes, healthcare, and all of life’s basic needs a human right! Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Things are off to a chilly start here, but on the upside, it is the first day in a week without rain or snow!

      1. You’re more of an optimist than me. I reckon the oli companies will suppress renewables because…it’s competition. We’ll all be ankly deep in water and they’ll be telling us it’s something else.
        My weekend has been lovely so far – my wife has gone to her mum’s so I have peace and quiet, and am happily listening to music that I love. I hope your’s is as good!

      2. I can see what you are saying as a possibility for sure. Here in Canada there is much fighting over building new pipelines. I wish they would stop fighting and invest that money in renewables.
        I love those days when I have the house to myself. For some reason it makes me feel like a teenager again and I turn up the music, enjoy the solitude. Enjoy the music! I am bisque firing some pottery and plan to get on the wheel, which makes for an awesome weekend 😉

    1. Good luck with your master’s program Crystal! May I ask what you are studying? I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of good things!

      1. That is amazing Crystal! Congrats on being accepted to the program! I am sure you will amaze even yourself!

  3. For the world, I wish polite discourse and political cooperation. We seem to be a world of shamers and haters right now and that is not going to fix anything. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Allan

    1. Thank you for sharing and participating in this project Allan! I can see where you are coming from. I have watched the discourse steadily decline to the point where people are more concerned with being right than the well being of others and sometimes themselves. Hopefully we can transcend that. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for participating in this project and sharing your dream for a world with more kindness and respect. I feel that would go a long way in making the world a better place! I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. My dreams for 2020 are to find satisfactory jobs to replace those which were taken by force, inner peace and balance, my loved ones near me and more solidarity, sharing and teamwork all around. And truth!

    1. I hope all of your dreams and more come to be for 2020 and I really appreciate you being involved and participating in this project! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of balance and inner peace!

  5. I would love to be more creative in the coming days and years. I prepared a tea blend and working more on tea blends and other tea products and also packing them in handmade eco-friendly packaging. I would like to reduce plastic load to the planet. For the world, I wish all beings be blessed abundantly with peace, joy and good health 😊

    1. Such beautiful dreams Krishna! What tea blends are your favourite? I grow mint here and often dry it to make tea. I find the amount of packaging for food products to be overwhelming in many cases, so I think you are certainly onto something good and important! I hope you have a beautiful weekend and thank you for participating in this project!

      1. Thank you 😊🙏 Rose and mint with green tea is my favourite tea blend. I like Chamomile too. The blend I made is black tea with cinnamon powder and cloves powder. It was a nice weekend. Happy Sunday to you 😊

  6. As for my goals for 2020, I’d like to legally become myself again. My ‘goals’ for the world, or should I rather say my wishes and hopes is to turn music into a vehicle to help humanity open up to unconditional love and heal itself. Sounds crazy? Well, it seems to be a soul purpose of myself and my core soul family’s current incarnation…

    Might I throw in some words regarding positive thinking and the ‘Law of Attraction’ that you are obviously hinting at? This comes from my own personal experience btw.
    Of course positive thinking is important, I’ve learnt that recently, but as important is Being in the Now and being the witness of your own thoughts/emotions/feelings. This is the pillar for positive change. So don’t feel bad when you find yourself in a loop of negativity. Get into the present Now moment. This is the way out.
    And another very strong ‘tool’ that helps you to actually attract and manifest your positive desires is to clear your energy to bring yourself in alignment with what you want. Because positive things come with a very high frequency (f ex unconditional love, joy; they’re diagonally opposite of low frequency emotions such as fear or anger) and it’s easier to attract those things when you yourself are in a high frequency. The easiest way to get yourself into a high frequency is to do something you love. And even if that’s not always possible, you can always be in the Now 😉

    I hope that helps whoever needs to read this right now!

    1. Thank you so very much for participating in this project and I wish you great success with all of your goals. I think your dream sounds beautiful and i know for myself and others I have observed that music can be a hugely powerful tool in healing. So not at all crazy to me, and I do also believe in the idea of soul families 😉

      I love everything you have said about the Law of Attraction. Have you seen the movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’? When you mentioned ‘be in the now’ it reminded me of that film, which I still watch from time to time to lift me up. Raising one’s vibration to be in allignment with what you want is a powerful tool, not only for getting what you want, but becoming what you want 😉
      Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas and being a part of this project!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

      1. First of all, thank you for officially fan boying me now 🙂

        I haven’t watched that movie, but I’ve heard of a book called ‘The Secret’. Somebody I once knew wanted this as a birthday gift and I also heard it being mentioned by a spiritual teacher I used to follow a lot but not so much anymore, now that I’m learning to trust in the guidance coming from deep within and to trust in the guidance of benevolent consciousness.
        Raising one’s vibration is a very powerful tool for all aspects in life because it ‘magically’ opens you up to all the love and positivity and abundance that the universe has to offer, but try not to set in stone the person you want to be (that’s what I hear speaking through your lines), because you never know all possibilities. When I look back at the person I was about three years ago and the person I am now, then I see these are two different people, two different versions of me. And, to be honest, about three years ago, if you’d asked me ‘who I want to be’, I would’ve come up with anyone but not with the person I am today 😉
        And, I also hear ‘I’d like to change the person I am’ in your words. If that’s the case, and also if not, I do suggest you practise being in the Now. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of watching the sky or your breath daily. I’m sure you’ve already found some of the methods for ‘mindfulness’ that are out there. (If not or you’re unsure, ”The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle is a great book to start with 😉 )

        I hope you have a wonderful day!

      2. I feel like I need a baseball cap that say fan boy now 😉 Or maybe some giant fans 😉

        I remember reading The Secret a number of years ago. The movie is free, I think it is on youtube, oh yes – here it is:

        Thank you for the powerful reminder to be open to what the universe may offer, and you are absolutely right, some of the possibilities are better than I could have dreamed up. It is an essential lesson and part of being in the flow.
        I love watching the stars at night, they really help me be present in the Now and bring me gratitude for the amazing place our world and universe is and help me be okay with living in the mystery. I do meditation most mornings for 15 mins or so. I would also recommend ‘The Power of Now’, but it may be time for me to re-read that book, it has been awhile since I read it. Thanks you for such a beautiful conversation. I appreciate you and having someone to share these ideas with. Simply wonderful, and I hope the rest of your week will be wonderful too 😉

      3. I appreciate those wonderful conversations with you as well, that’s why I’m even happier you started following me. No baseball cap or anything needed 😉 And thanks for the link. I’ll watch the movie as soon as I can!

    1. That is beautiful, and being a lover of all things water I have to agree! We are after all, mostly water! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  7. I would like to attract positivity and healing for both myself and the world. My body is fractured and needs to be whole. The world is divided by hatred and greed and needs unity.

    1. Thank you so much for participating in this project and sharing. I am sending you good vibes and healing energy, and hope the personal healing for your body that you seek comes soon. Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the prompt and I wish you well in all your creative and blogging endeavours. Thanks for being a part of this project and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    1. That is a beautiful and incredible and powerful dream. I am sending some positive thoughts and good energy your way! Thanks so much for participating in this project and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Beautiful pottery and glaze! My favourite. Thank you for raising my thoughts to such questions. It adds legitimacy to my personal efforts to end suffering, starting with myself – through yoga and meditation, mostly.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and being a part of this project! Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for healing and I hope you find that in your experience as well. Sending good vibes your way and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. A “happy” thought masking the same negative structures of self is just denial, and then people complain “it doesn’t work”. If you want to be positive, you have to be able to let go, which does not mean give up.

    1. Thank you for sharing these powerful words. Letting go is important in the healing process and no one should ever give up! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I would like our world to be respected, I would like mother nature to be admired for all her wonders, I would like folks to understand and accept the connection between all living things in this world and act accordingly.. I would like us to all “clean up our act” 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful dream and being a part of this project. I am right there with you, I do wish more people could see how all living things in our world are interconnected and we need to take care of nature in a more meaningful way, because in doing so we are taking care of ourselves and others. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I wish for respect for all creatures, all of mankind and our planet.
    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

    1. I love that quote that you shared! I find it to be so insightful. Thank you for being a part of this project!

  12. Those are two great questions. I’m just not sure how I would answer them. There just seem to be more problems in the world than there are solutions. Perhaps that we all not become overwhelmed and concentrate on the good we are individually able to do?

    1. I think that is all most of us can do. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed with all the madness in the world these days. I try to live in the now and do what I can to be on the positive side of things, but not always easy. Thanks so much for commenting and I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful day.

  13. I love how you stated that our thoughts could be the blueprints of our destiny. It puts responsibility on us to be survivors, to be overcomers, to be creators and healers. To that end, in 2020 I hope to attract healing and flourishing- in my health, my mind, my passions, and my career. Universally, I would like to see the power of thought put to action, in that rather than fear leading to action, let it be hope.

    1. I am sending good energy and positive vibes to you for your 2020 wishes and I am so happy that you are participating in this project. Healing and thriving (my version of flourishing) are wonderful wishes for what will be a wonderful year for us all 😉 May we all overcome our fears and live our dreams 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again for such a meaningful comment.

  14. For 2020, I would like to just accept and enjoy who I want to be. I think that would be quite a good thing.

    Brilliant project! I love how you make art about people. I can’t help but look at your pottery and see it come alive 🙂

    1. That is an amazing wish for 2020. The world needs a lot more acceptance and that always starts within ourselves. I appreciate your kind comment, and I am glad I stumbled down the road of making some of my art about people. It really helps fill my cup, if you know what I mean.
      I hope you have a great day and rest of the week.

  15. I would like the whole world to have a tread towards reaching out more. In my short 20-something years on the planet I’ve seen how technology has pushed towards phones, computers, etc. and away from each other. I need to be better at this, and I hope the whole world will do this too.

  16. I am praying for complete physical healing for my entire family and I would love to see more peace, love and compassion in this world. Thank you for allowing me to share this.

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wishes and dreams for your family and the world! I really appreciate you sharing this and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Ah! For 2020, my wish is to create a virtuous cycle, where my own personal growth and transformation is fueled by others who in turn can fuel their own growth by my help and support. We are all in this thing together!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your wish Kate! I think that is an incredibly beautiful sentiment, symbiosis in growth with other is indeed magic! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

  18. What a beautiful concept to make community inspired art. For 2020, it feels all about building. I would like to finally set up a template to publish/sell my own knit designs as part of a business that offers workshops called Remembering Our Roots that honor both grandmothers and trees. Many fiber artists learned from grandmothers, or the person that taught them learned from a grandmother. The retreats would be based half on nature connection, half on fiber arts and design; half active, half sedentary. I want to invite people from all over the world, so I can travel without traveling. I want to donate a portion of any profits from patterns I sell to global tree-planting efforts. I also would like to break my 30-year streak of earning same income that now requires me to work 7 days a week, and open to opportunities to shift my life towards more abundance.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dream as part of this project! I think what you are trying to do is wonderful! I have a similar dream with clay! At some point I would love to host some sort of art retreats with a focus on healing. I will be following your dream with a great deal of interest and of course I am sending you good energy for much success in bringing this beauty to the world! I wish you all the success in the world!

      1. I must not have checked a WP box. Just now saw this reply a couple days before the new year, new decade, new everything. Thank you for your good wishes. I return the juju. Here’s the fledgling site I’m evolving over 2020. http://www.waterwomanknits.weebly.com. (remove hyphen to activate link) First effort is getting my pattern publication template/logo/system with testers and tech editors set so I can charge a reasonable amount. Next thing is figure out how to reserve location I have in mind to host workshops with likely a loan from somewhere, then save enough to pay for website setup, domain, fully functional shop. Expect this all to take a year while working my normal most waking hours. You’ve been at your craft a long time too. If you find a success portal that allows for warp speed, let me know. ; )

      2. I am still looking for that magical portal. I used to find instagram to be quite effective until facebook bought it and wrecked it for everyone 😉 It sounds like we are trying to do the same thing and if I figure out a way to be more successful, I will certainly share it. We are all in this together. I look forward to seeing your website evolve and wish you much success with your work. Workshops are a fantastic way to make some cash and get the word out about your work. It’s going to be a great year for everyone!

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