What Are Your Aspirations?

I hope that you are all well and ready to have a wonderful weekend! I am really excited to unveil a new art project, and the best part is that you can be involved!

I learn so much from you and my other readers, about art, life and even myself. Many of you inspire me and help shape my journey in unexpected ways.

The most meaningful project for me in 2019 so far was ‘The Healing Vase’ project. This project touched me so deeply, that I have already decided that it will be happening again next Fall. That is a long ways off, but if you would like to ensure your participation, feel free to comment on the 2020 project page and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on this project!

Watch the Healing Vase video here! Like it? Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel

But wait! There is more! This project got me thinking about other projects that we could do together. I have come up with a new community art project that you can participate in again, and hopefully it will get you fired up for 2020 and help kickstart your goals and aspirations.

This project is called ‘The Vase of Attraction’. You may be wondering how you can participate in this process? The answer is simple. I am asking you to share one of the following in the written words of your choice in the comments below:

  • What you would like to attract for 2020. What are your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year? This could be anything from more love, to new opportunities, personal growth or more joy.
  • Globally, what positive changes you would like to see in our world. This could be anything from peace, prosperity, or any type of universal global healing.

I only ask that you keep all comments positive, non political and respectful. You can make your submission in the comments on the project page here.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about this project and to make sure you do not miss the final reveal of the vase!

As an added feature of this project, I will be firing up to eight pieces of raku jewelry (necklaces) that will be available to participants in this project who want to keep their dreams close to their heart. These pieces will be available on a first come, first serve basis, and I will be providing some new pieces that you can choose from soon and you will be able to customize colour. If this interests you, please get in touch by email.

Some of the existing pieces of jewelry available. In the process of making many more for you to choose from.

How do you feel about sharing your goals and dreams within a community? Do you think it is part dream with a group or on your own? Please let me know what you think in the comments below about this project.

I would also like to thank Peter, Brandy, Joanne and Lynsey for getting a copy of my book through my crowdfunding campaign. You have helped push me to 141% of our goal! If you are interested in getting a signed copy of my book in time for Christmas, it’s not too late, but there are only a few days left! Visit here for more details! I may have a ‘little surprise’ for those that purchase the printed copy of the book, but more on this tomorrow


  1. 1-more joy would b nice- less procrastination and distractions
    2- I think the world could use less cognitive dissonance 🙄 and perhaps more empathy.

      1. No problemo- u r welcome to copy mon commentaire to the project page. And yeah – it was really cold Friday and Saturday here- now it’s humid and in the 60’s 🙄. It will get much colder this week though.

      2. I have heard an Arctic air mass is coming down for a visit! It is colder than the North Pole in Alberta apparently.

      3. It is 15 C here, but last night we had snow! I think it is a crazy weather week everywhere!

      1. No need to apologize! I am just trying to make sure I am all organized for when firing time comes.

    1. I think the vases chose me! It may sound strange, but raku really touched me deeply and I remember staring at my first pieces and a reference or idea would pop into my mind and eventually the stories followed. Thanks for the great question. Hope you are well!

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