Snickers Isn’t The Only Thing That Is Going To Satisfy You This Halloween

Snickers really satisfies and so does the winner of October’s “Name That Vase!”

A big thank you to everyone for your submissions to this month’s contest! We are excited to announce the winning name and poem for the vase is “Witch’s Elixir” as submitted by liyondancer100! You can read more of there beautiful writing here.

So get your costumes on and read below, but you better boo prepared to trick, treat but don’t smell my feet because here is something good to read!

Witch’s Elixir

snip snap
plink plop
runny mead down the sides
smells, aromas
giving off a honeydew scent
mixed with death
rosemary and other
spices from a faraway land
stirred in, creating
snip snap
plink plop
a cackle
and crow’s feet
all the while
wondering at the
power of the
witch’s elixir

You can read more from liyondancer100’s blog here:

Happy Halloween!

You can see more images of the raku pottery vase ‘Witch’s Elixir’ here.

A couple of our Name That Vase winners are in our upcoming book – ‘A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends’! We have now reached our goal in covering our printing costs and pushing to go even higher! It would be a real Halloween treat to see your name in there too – get your copy by supporting our crowdfunding campaign here.

Draft Book Cover

If you are unable to support this project financially, please share our facebook post and you could win your own copy and a piece of pottery!

I am also excited to announce that ‘A Healing Vase’ was fired and in my opinion is a beauty. For those not in the know, you can read about this project here. Keep an eye out on Saturday for our official blog post about the project. Can’t wait until then? Sign up for our newsletter to get a sneak peak of the vase before everyone else!

Honourable mentions go to Mood Moss, and Gula for this month’s ‘Name That Vase’ writing prompt! You both made this choice very hard!

What do you think of our Halloween Raku Pottery Vase and the winning name?


    1. I sure do! I am very fortunate to have so many talented followers. It always makes it difficult to choose the name and writing for these posts!

    1. That is to funny! After I posted my blog, I saw two other posts that had snickers in them! The poem was submitted by one of our reader’s who participated in our monthly ‘Name that Vase’ post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The poem was a fantastic fit for the vase! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. You are very welcome and thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

    1. haha! It was a part of my childhood, but I am making up for that WITH candy! Mmmmm candy!

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my poem! I somehow missed this post! Even a few years later, I am still happy with how this poem came out! A lovely inspiration!

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