A Christmas Message from Chairman Meow

Cat with christmas antlers

Many of you may not be familiar with the inner workings of our raku pottery, The Alchemist’s Studio.

Interesting fact, we are actually run by our feline overlord Chairman Meow (he has many names!), who has surprisingly, kind of … sort of, got into the Christmas spirit.

He has agreed to a rare tell all interview after turning down many a prestigious catozine.  Without further adieu, let’s get to it.

grey cat and box of clay
The King of the Clay – Chairman Meow


The Alchemist’s Studio:  What is your role at the pottery?

grey cat in christmas antlers
“No one told me I would have to wear antlers”


Chairman Meow:  I have many important jobs.  I would say my most important job is quality control.  Late at night when the pottery and vases are drying before they are fired I inspect them.  If they do not meet my high standards for quality, or I am bored, I push them off the table.  It is hard work, but I do love my job.

Wait, no one told me I would have to dress up for this interview.  Crazy humans.

When will humans learn that this custom is largely frowned upon by felines everywhere!





grey cat wearing antlers for Christmas
“These humans are rather tedious, but they do feed me”


The Alchemist’s Studio:  What are some of the things you love about Christmas?

Chairmen Meow:  I think it is rather acceptable that my human subjects bring a tree in for me and decorate it in my honour.  I do feel it is the least that they can do for the pleasure of being in my presence and all the joy I bring to everyone every day, whether it be stalking their feet, scratching the trim in doorways (they should really get new trim around here),  and knocking ornaments off the tree and playing with them.

Look into my beautiful eyes and pet me.  So I can get bored of it and swat you.  Much more fun for us both than some silly antlers.




cat dressed as a reindeer
“I asked for catnip, kitty treats and a foil ball, but all I got for Christmas were these stupid antlers”

The Alchemist’s Studio:  What would you like for Christmas this year?

Chairman Meow:  Not wearing these antlers would be a good start!  I asked for catnip, kitty treats and a foil ball, but all I got for Christmas were these stupid antlers.  I know you think you are being cute, but just be aware I have some special plans for you next year when all my plans for world domination come to fruition.

Or maybe I will take a nap in a sunbeam.




At this point our beloved Chairman finds a way to liberate himself from the antler scourge, finds a sunbeam and rests up for his next bout of kitty crazies!  Have you ever dressed your pets up for Christmas?  If so, what was your favourite costume they wore?



    1. He does not often look very impressed, but I suppose that is part of his charm 😉 Hope you are both well!

      1. Of Pots and Pets. Chairman obviously takes his job seriously, but does not look like he’s ready to forgive you for the indignity of wearing antlers!

      2. haha! He is not big on forgiveness in general, so I will be spending much time in the ‘dog’ house. Which is okay, our dog is much nicer and more cuddly LOL

  1. This is Steph from Pink Belly just checked out your website and everything is simply gorgeous… including Chairman Meow. I have a box full of kitty Christmas outfits that will be sent your way you silvery pile of fluff. Yes, my cats are more than willing for me to box them up and send them to you. They say it is in the interest of sharing, but I wonder. I have dressed them up as elves, reindeer, Santa,… Well, chairman you may have lucked out this year. Mikey and Winston will be initiated into the holiday fun this year. Love the Q and A. LMTO

    1. Nice to see you here Steph! Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. It is still a work in progress, but it is getting close to being done! Your cats are very generous! The Chairman does nto want to miss out on the spirit of sharing and says he also can send some outfits for Mickey and Winston! Maybe we need to start a Christmas outfit exchange for kitties 😉 Nice to see you here from IG! Are you a wordpress user too? All the best for the holidays!

      1. No. I have squarespace website if that is what you are referring to. I am late to the social media game. Still sometimes wish I had my paper and pens… Actually that is a hi-various idea. We could start something where we buy crazy kitty outfits and send them to each others cats and they have to wear em. Tell C Meow I saw a huge t-rex costume with his name on it! Your website looks great. I wish mine was half as accomplished!

      2. I hear you and relate to much of what you are saying. I still use paper and pen sometimes 😉 I have also found it pretty challenging to learn everything around social media and website construction, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I love your idea! I think their might not be much of that trex if C-Meow gets it off! He can be a little vengeful!

      1. Chocobo my bird use to scare my cat Squeekers but he passed. My cat Candy knows to NOT mess with Bo but Meeko tries to go after her. He is learning that does not work. I am very protective of my girl~~~

      2. C-Meow loves the spring. He sits in the window and watches all the birds looking for worms and actually chirps at them! It sounds like all your pets have a lovely home with lots of love.

    1. Did your British Blue also have a Napoleon complex? 😉 The Chairman has instructed me to express his appreciation for your kind salutation. Have a blessed day!

      1. Oh my goodness – yes he did!!! He lived to the ripe age of 14, when he passed in his sleep (no doubt dreaming about programming minions to do his bidding).
        I am honoured the Chairman has acknowledged my words and I wish him and his keepers a wonderful day. Blessed Be.

    1. The Chairman thanks you for your kind message which must referring to him, or so he thinks LOL

  2. Aw I chuckled all of the way through this. This certainly has that funny factor to it. What a great light hearted blog. And the chair man is indeed a very beautiful cat. He is such a lovely colour. I love cats. They are so relaxing and fun to be around. If anyone could win an award for mindfulness then it would indeed be our feline friends so I can imagine he makes an excellent chairman. Thanks so much for your entertaining blog. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas

    1. Thank you for your kind words and of course the humble Chairman thanks you too 😉 We had a great Christmas here and are looking forward to a good New Year’s. I hope you had a great Christmas and a great year ahead!

  3. I loved the piece. I had a dog who was too big to dress up…one thing I missed sorely. But I do believe each animal has a personality. Happy New Year to Captain Chow.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment! What did you want to dress your dog up as? My pets do certainly all have their own personality. It is part of what makes them so interesting and precious to me! Happy New Year to Captain Chow, Chairman Meow and all the wonderful pets out there in the world and to their owners too!

      1. I would have chosen batman but I was too small in front of him (he was far taller than I on two legs and far heavier too) so he called the shots. And he decided to go Tarzan-style.

      2. OMG – that would be so incredibly cute to see. I have been eyeing a cheerleader costume for the cat, since it is so contrary to his personality!

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