Raku Vase Story – “Diana’s Hunt”

Raku Vase - blue, turquoise, cooper and red

I have a confession to make.  My regular followers from Instagram will know that for my vases I create stories to go along with many of the raku vases I create.  Sometimes the story is inspired by the piece when it is finished, and sometimes the story is in my mind from the initial conception of the piece, but it has become a part of my process of creating my art.  I will be sharing those stories here on my website and blog.  The first raku vase and story I would like to share is called “Diana’s Hunt”:


"Diana's Hunt"

Raku Vase
The Alchemist's Studio

Photo Credit:
Peter Reid Photography

Diana - Roman Goddess of the Hunt
Diana – Roman Goddess of the Hunt


“Diana’s Hunt” is a raku vase with quite the tale attached to it which includes giving someone a tail. Move over Sarah Palin, as Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunt.


Details of Raku Vase effects – “Diana’s Hunt”

She had also sworn a vow of chastity and was famed for her virginity – and it’s protection. Just ask Actaeon who happened to stumble on her bathing in her birthday suit. When she realized he was ogling her, she turned him into a stag and got his own hunting dogs to pursue him, handling one of her #metoo moments as only the goddess of hunt could. Now only if they had made togas in camo!

There are more vases and stories to come!  Let me know in the comments what you thought of this raku vase, “Diana’s Hunt” and of course the story!


    1. Thank you so much! I do love the colours and effects that you can get from the pottery! Quite remarkable!

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